Guest Lecture Series

Each semester the Liverpool School of Architecture holds an open series of guest lectures, with noted practitioners and academics from the fields Architecture, Design and Art invited to speak to our undergraduate and postgraduate cohorts.

These lectures are free and open to attend by members of public or professional . Registration required .

To improve accessibility many of the guest lectures are a hybrid format ( via a zoom link ) to enable participation should travelling to LSA not be possible.

Registration links are provided below for each lecture . 

Our Autumn semester open series runs on a Wednesday lunchtime at 1pm in Reilly Lecture Room 25 Abercromby Square L69 7ZN.

For any queries please contact Sandy Britton on  or email

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Spring Semester 2023

22th February 2023

WHite man with short hair and beard building a model structure consisting of stacked ceramic columns each flailing widely at the top

Richard Youel: Model Making as a Design Tool

"Through model images and a case study, I aim to show the value in using rough, quick models to further your design process."

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8th March 2023

Brick built block of flats looked at from below against a blue sky

International Women’s Day

A celebration of the 80th Anniversary of Liverpool’s Polish School and our international community of Women

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15th March 2023

Middle aged man wearing a jacket and tie on the right, on the left text saying A-Z Fire Safety Design Principles, Ian Abley

Fire Safety Symposium
Prof Julie Bregulla: TEDI London
Ian Abley: Fire Protection Association

As you all know the Grenfell disaster led to a fundamental reassessment of architecture's role life-safety. The tragedy brought home the relationship between the safety of the individual and architectural production today consequently the far reaching social, economic and political impacts of design. Attendance is mandatory for M.Arch Students.

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15th March 2023

A vintage car and caravan parked by the roadside. A white woman is standing by the open door of the caravan Photo credit, Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading pulled over in a lay-by with trees behind. A woman stands by the door and a dog looks out from inside the caravan.

Inaugural Lecture - Prof Luca Csepely-Knorr, ’Shaping Tomorrow’s Landscape'

In this lecture, Professor Luca Csepely-Knorr discusses her ongoing Arts and Humanities Research Council-supported research project ‘Women of the Welfare Landscape’.

Recording will be available soon.

22nd March 2023

Map of Europe showing numerous linked cities

The ARCH Project
Diana Heredia, Engage Liverpool 


Co creating a disaster risk management framework for climate change adaptation and resilience to natural hazards in heritage areas. Diana will introduce both the project and the work of Engage Liverpool and share some of the tools developed in the process and where to access them.

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26th April 2023

Rust coloured building with prominent vertical ribs and vents, framed by foliage

Rob Leechmere
Jonathan Tuckey Design

The lecture will focus of the praxis of Jonathan Tuckey Design, examined through the lens of testing through models, prototyping and metaphors. An inherent part of the practices working methods and output, this talk will elaborate on these processes and discuss how more abstract references and the use of metaphor are important in the practice’s work.

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3rd May 2023

Three children looking in through an internal window set in a brick wall. on the window is a paper cutout world and a rainbow coloured text reading

Gavin Hale-Brown
Architecture & Society 

Henley Halebrown's work has covered an unusually wide breadth of building types, this presentation will revisit schemes that have developed the studio’s thinking and is aimed at seeding a dialogue challenging us to consider how architecture can help to address the immense challenges that face our society.

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10th May 2023

Circle with abstract pattern inside representing different types of water flow. Underneath is the text Off-Grid Toilets.

Compilation, Analysis and Comparison

Dr Paco Mejias Villatoro & Dr Junjie Xi introduce their new publication that investigates 16 off-grid toilet systems that have been implemented across the world, to provide a comprehensive understanding of their functional principles.

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1st - 30th June 2023

Aga Khan Trust for culture logo, a green heptagon with an interior motif to represent a flower.

Inclusive, Sustainable, Innovative 

Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2022 & ArCHIAM 10-years

Over the years the University of Liverpool has worked closely with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture.The inclusive and global perspective shared by the two institutions, and the Liverpool School of Architecture’s pre-eminent place in design pedagogy and research, has made it possible to bring this Award exhibition to Liverpool.

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Autumn Semester 2022

12th October 2022

Woman wearing a mask standing in front of patchwork

Venice Fellowships Programme Launch

Introduced by Sandy Britton

We are pleased to launch the application process for Venice Fellowship programme 2023 and to celebrate the work of our two Fellows of 2022, Rim Yasine Kassab and Razan Simbawa.

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26th October 2022

Collage image of photographs of african village life, architectural plans and pressed flowers

Ilze Wolff

A cottage to breath in: Refusing museums, making homes

Introduced by Professor Ola Uduku

A talk on a recent project regarding the Rhodes Cottage in Muizenberg, Cape Town. 

This was an online event, read more here

2nd November 2022

Head and Shoulders of a young white man with short cropped ginger hair and moustache. He is wearing round glasses

David Jourdan

Computational design of self-shaping textiles

Introduced by Asterios Agkathidis

David is a postdoctoral researcher, his work focuses on the computational design and fabrication of self-actuated structure.

This was a Hybrid lecture, read more here

9th November 2022

Black woman with long dark hair, wearing a blue top and smiling. She is standing in open plan office with balloons floating on the ceiling

Dr Bridget Ogwezi

Senior Academic Development Manager at ANSYS UK

Introduced by Dr Haniyeh Mohammadpourkarbasi

This was a Hybrid lecture, read more here

10th November 2022

Open cast mine in Norway

The Colin Rowe Lecture Series at RIBA 

Presented by David Grandorge, who has pursued the photography of buildings, cities, and landscapes since 1996, the lecture took place at RIBA, 66 Portland Place, London

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16th November 2022

Middle aged white man wearing a Dark blue coat, blue shirt and grey hat standing in front of a featureless wall

Panu Savolainen

Aalto University in Finland

Introduced by Dr Barnabas Calder

Panu talks about the ways in which Finnish architecture has historically coped with very low winter temperatures in a completely sustainable way.

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23rd November 2022

White man with light brown hair and beard, wearing a grey shirt, standing in a cathedral

Rob Hopkins

Director AHR Architects

Introduced by Professor Steve Sharples

Rob who was previously involved with The Spine and is currently working on HEMISPHERE, Liverpool’s first proposed net zero carbon building.

This was a Hybrid lecture

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30th November 2022

Identity in the Architectural World

Identity in the Architectural World

How are different cultures expressed in the built environment?
How does your identity change the way you're perceived as an architect and how can we change that for our future?

1pm Reilly Room

Join BLAC for an engaging, interactive conversation between architects, students and graduates about how our identities influence our architecture.

This was a hybrid event, read more here

7th December 2022

White woman with short blonde bobbed hair and wearing glasses. She is gesticulating with her hands

Dr Ella Chmielewsk 

University of Edinburgh

Introduced by Dr Katerina Antonopoulou

This was a Hybrid lecture

Read more and book here

14th December 2022

How Do We Live? In the global South

How Do We Live? In the global South

We would like to invite you to our housing symposium: How do we Live? In the Global South.

The event took Wednesday, 14th December, 2022, 12:30-15:30 GMT and was conducted in 2 locations in Liverpool UK, and Santiago Chile in a hybrid format.

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Spring Semester Lectures 2022

24th February 2022

Three quarter shot of a mans face in black and white

Neil Thomas

Two worlds

As an engineer how can I reconcile the two worlds I inhabit ?

The first, a love of a nature and my desire to promote a world that can be as sustainable as I can make it. The second, a world of rock and roll. I would like to show some radical steps which allow my two worlds to collide.

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3rd March 2022

Carbon Counts - Joe Jack Williams Link

Dr Joe Jack Williams

Live at the Liverpool School of Architecture

As one of the minds behind the FCBStudios Carbon Counts Exhibition currently on display at LSA, Dr Joe Jack Williams from FCBStudios will provide an overview embodied carbon in construction, and introduce the Carbon Counts exhibition and FCBstudio’s ambitions for it 

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7th-11th March 2022

Stylised images of women from different ethnic backgrounds

International Women's Week at the LSA

The LSA is marking this years International Women's Day (IWD) with a series of events run by the student-led groups. Marked annually on March 8th, IWD is one of the most important days of the year to celebrate women's achievements, raise awareness about women's equality, lobby for accelerated gender parity and fundraise for female-focused charities.

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17th March 2022

Portrait photograph of Aupama Kundoo

Anupama Kundoo

Anupama Kundoo is the 2021 recipient of the RIBA Charles Jencks award for simultaneous major contributions to both the theory and practice of architecture and the Auguste Perret Prize 2021 for architectural technology.

Read more and watch a recording of the lecture here

31st March 2022

Castle windows set into a cream coloured wall

Using What We Have

Architectural Histories of Fragments, Ruins, Rationed Resources and Obsolete Spaces

We are delighted to invite you to SAHGB's annual architectural history symposium which seeks to raise awareness of traditions of vernacular adaptation and reuse.

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23rd June - 19th July

Abstract image of the Liverpool School of Architecture new building in yellow and orange

LSA 2022 End of Year Show

Professor Ola Uduku, Head of School, and the staff and students of Liverpool School of Architecture invite you to the LSA annual End of Year Show.

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Feb - May 2022

Building material in perspex tube

Carbon Counts

A concept of Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, Carbon Counts is a striking installation which draws together key metrics for ten materials to illustrate the embodied carbon impacts of each. Carbon Counts ran at the Liverpool School of Architecture from 1st February to July 2022.

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Autumn Semester Lectures 2021

30th September 2021

Katy Marks

A Citizens Design Bureau: weaving with wit and wisdom

Katy Marks

Katy will talk about the work of Citizen’s Design Bureau, scratch process and why the business model of architecture practices needs to change

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7th October 2021

Marina Tabassum

Works by Marina Tabassum

Marina Tabassum is the principal of Marina Tabassum Architects, a practice established in 2005 based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

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21st October 2021

Rahel Belatchew

The Challenges for Architecture

Rahel Belatchew

Rahel will join us form Stockholm to will talk of the challenges of architecture  exemplified in the numerous projects and lab pieces of  Belatchew Arkitekter

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28th October 2021

Jim Eyre

Jim Eyre OBE

Jim Eyre is a founding director at WilkinsonEyre, here he talks about the design of many of the practice’s cultural, commercial and infrastructure projects.

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4th November 2021

The Garden of earthly delights by Hieronymous Bosch, 16th C, Wikimedia commons

Designing for an Ethical World

Sumita Singha OBE RIBA

The patriarchal hierarchy of our designed environment seeks to dominate nature and those who are weaker, including animals and other humans.  Now with the existential threat of the climate crisis, do we need a different way of designing?

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11th November 2021

LSA COP26 Link

LSA COP26 Micro-summit

LSA Climate Crisis (Student Climate Action Group)

In collaboration with LSA Climate Crisis (Student Climate Action Group), Liverpool School of Architecture are hosting a micro-summit following the outcome of COP26 6:00pm-7:30pm via zoom.

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25th November 2021

© Jim Stephenson


Deborah Saunt and Lemma Redda

DSDHA’s work spans from crafting beautiful and sustainable buildings, welcoming landscapes and whole new neighbourhoods, through to writing the brief that will shape how a space might be used long into the future.

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2nd December 2021

Back to the Future

Back to the Future: The optimistic case for retrofitting places

Martin Prince-Parrot

Retro-fitting all our buildings is one of the largest challenges and opportunities facing the UK’s built environment. How we can turn this mammoth challenge into a renaissance for our homes, workplaces, communities, towns and cities?

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Spring Semester Lectures 2021

Thursday 11th February 2021

Two buildings under construction, on the right using cross laminated timber construction

David Lomax

How CLT Can Save The World

We will share with you our work over the last decade to bring cross laminated timber construction to the fore, explaining the circumstances that contribute to the meteoric rise in the use of this innovative and sustainable material.

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Thursday 18th February 2021

Woman with megaphone in front of University of Liverpool Victoria Building


Where did everybody go?

We want to explore why architectural education, especially during undergrad, has around a 50/50 gender split, but the further up the ladder women seem to drop off.

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Monday 22nd February 2021 

Community Festival Mehr Al Wohnen, Lukas Zieglar

Anna Page

The Swiss Genossenschaft: Cooperative Housing

What can we learn from the Swiss Genossenschafts which could change the way we approach housing for the better?

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Thursday 25th February 2021

Dyson Centre Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios ©CraigAuckland

Dr Joe Jack Williams, Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios  

The hidden carbon of building – Embodied Carbon

Joe Jack Williams from FCBStudios will provide an overview embodied carbon in construction

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Thursday 4th March 2021

Indian street scene with Cow looking at camera

Lesley Lokko  

Sacred Cows

Generally speaking, institutions are built to withstand change, not encourage it. This lecture and Q&A speculates on different approaches to architectural education that might encourage institutions to give up a few ‘sacred cows’ in favour of a more equitable, diverse and inclusive future.

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Wednesday 10th March 2021

Woodcut image of the the Colosseum (1827-84), Regent's Park London

Richard Koeck

Public Lecture: History and Future of Immersive Experiences

Professor Richard Koeck presents ground-breaking innovations and failures in the history of immersive experiences and a peep into the future.

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Thursday 11th March 2021

Grid representing social exclusion in architecture

Danni Kerr

Your Name's not on the List: The Failure of Space as Social Mediator

Danni Kerr discusses how the power that attaches or is attached to space disables mediation for minority persons as a 'normal' way of being; and how 'normal' behaviour in the space leads to non-participation, invisibility and exclusion.

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Thursday 18th March 2021

Parkonomics Link

Martin Prince-Parrot

Park-onomics: The Value of Healthy Places

A collaboration between LSA and BLAC Black Led Architecture Collective

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Thursday 15th April 2021

Future Architects Front Link

Future Architects Front

Grassroots Activism in Architecture 

This talk by FAF's founder will outline how all young people can organise and campaign through digital and grassroots methods in order to manifest the change they want to see - both within and without architecture.

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Thursday 22nd April 2021

Robert Maxwell

Reflections on the predicament of Architecture: seven points in retrospect

Kenneth Frampton

The Liverpool School of Architecture is pleased to announce a new lecture series entitled to its alumnus Robert ‘Bob’ Maxwell (1922-2020). 

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Thursday 6th May 2021

MYAA & Qatar Foundation

Ali Mangera, MYAA Architects

Architecture, Culture & Identity in a Globalised World

We believe architecture has a profound ability to connect with our heart and our soul. Our talk will illustrate how Globalization, Identity & Culture are not mutually exclusive but interdependent. Let’s build bridges, not walls.       

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Thursday 13th May 2021

Text describing diversity


Addressing EDI Issues in Architectural Education at the LSA

We invite you to join us in this symposium to discuss how issues in gender, race, sexuality, social mobility, accessibility, and mental health affect architectural education. This symposium aims to better articulate the challenges and the strengths regarding EDI issues in the education offered at the LSA. 

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Thursday 20th May 2021

Stephen Lawrence Day Link

Stephen Lawrence Day 2021

A panel discussion looking at the realities of being Black in the profession and exploring why it is so significant that we lost a future Black architect when Stephen was murdered.

BLAC want to celebrate Stephen and highlight the issues of race in the UK, and the issues of race within architecture.

A collaboration between LSA and BLAC Black Led Architecture Collective.

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Autumn Semester Lectures 2020

November 2020

Person sitting alone by a canal in front of the Liver Buildings

Historical and contemporary perspectives on mental health and the built environment

Five online sessions of guest talks culminating in a round table discussion will focus on the complex and multi-faceted connections between mental health and the built environment.

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12th November 2020

Neil Pinder Link

Neil Pinder


A talk and Q&A with activist and educator Neil Pinder. Could you be inspiring others? What role can you play in increasing inclusivity and diversity in architecture?

An ASOC LSA collaboration

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19th November 2020

Courtyard superimposed with an image of a Lunatic Asylum

Madness and Architecture: An Archaeology of Lunatic Asylums

Dr Burçak Özlüdil, Associate Dean, Albert Dorman Honors College, New Jersey Institute of Technology (USA)

Part of the series on Historical and contemporary perspectives on mental health and the built environment

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23rd November 2020

Anna Page Link

Anna Page

Secular Retreat, Peter Zumthor: The Process of Making

Peter Zumthor's House on a Hill in North Devon is a meditation on living in the landscape. This lecture will discuss the process of designing and building this house, from its early model making to its final construction. 

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26th November 2020

Vintage poster using a maze as a metaphor for mental illness

Social Psychiatry and Preventing Mental Illness in the USA 1939-1980

Professor Matthew Smith, University of Strathclyde

Part of the series on Historical and contemporary perspectives on mental health and the built environment

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30th November 2020

Stephanie Imbeau procession

Stephanie Imbeau: Procession

Recheduled from June, artist Stephanie Imbeau joins us with a recording of her talk and for live Q and A

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3rd December 2020

Image showing a contemporary health centre design

Nurture and Nature – Approaches to Mental Health Design

Karen Flatt, Architect & Studio Director, IBI Group

Part of the series on Historical and contemporary perspectives on mental health and the built environment

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10th December 2020

Architecture and heritage for mental health in the community

Architecture and heritage for mental health in the community

Stacey Charlesworth, Design Director, ADT Workplace
Chris Pickup, Studio Associate Director, IBI Group)

Part of the series on Historical and contemporary perspectives on mental health and the built environment

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17th December 2020

Mental health for all: the role of architecture, design and place

Round table: Mental health for all: the role of architecture, design and place

A round table discussion on the intersection of mental health and community environments.

Part of the series on Historical and contemporary perspectives on mental health and the built environment

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16th December 2020

David Rapp Link

David Rapp

‘Elements ‘ Screening  32 minutes and Q and A

Introduced by Pietro Pezzani, we are delighted that Davide Rapp will join us at LSA for questions and answers following a screening of his film

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7th January 2021

International Space Station in orbit over earth

David Nixon

The International Space Station

This talk offers an introduction to the major issues and challenges that impacted the design of the Station, the first significant piece of architecture beyond Earth.

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Spring Semester Lectures 2020

Thursday 6th February

M’Hamid Oasis Morocco

M’Hamid Oasis Morocco

Screening and Directors Discussion

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Wednesday 12th February

Between the sand and the sea: Oman’s architectural heritage

Between the sand and the sea

Oman’s architectural heritage

5.30pm-8pm, 502 Teaching Hub

Book here

Thursday 13th February

Reilly teaching in the Liverpool School of Architecture, Ashton Street, 1930

Joseph Sharples

Charles Reilly and the Liverpool School of Architecture

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Thursday 27th February

Image © Simpson Haugh

Ian Simpson

One Blackfriars, impacting the London skyline

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Thursday 5th March

Urbanistas NW


SHE-Builds NW

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John Meunier

John Meunier

Life and works

We are very sad that due to circumstances outside of everyones’ control this event has been POSTPONED


John Meunier and Friends

John Meunier, Patrick Lynch, Alan Dunlop and Simon Henley 

On Intricacy: an evening with John Meunier and friends

We are very sad that due to circumstances outside of everyones’ control this event has been POSTPONED


Jim Eyre

Jim Eyre

Wilkinson Eyre

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©Brock Carmichael – waterfront montage

Michael Cosser and Chris Bolland

Liverpool Architecture: 45 Years of Progress

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Stephanie Imbeau procession

Stephanie Imbeau 


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Annelie Kvick Thompson

Grimshaw Architects

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June 11th Online

Paul Monaghan

Paul Monaghan 

How we work

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Autumn Semester Lectures 2019

Thursday 26th September

Vivian Sin

Resilient Infrastructure - How Infrastructure shapes our cities

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Thursday 3rd October

CJ Lim

Smartcities, Resilient Landscapes and Eco-warriors

Booklaunch and Lecture

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Thursday 10th October

British Council and Fellow Andy Lane launching the 2020 Venice Biennale Programme

Image courtsey of Andy Lane

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Thursday 17th October

Jonathan Falkingham MBE, House

Jonathan Falkingham MBE


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Thursday 24th October

Fieldoffice Link

Living with Sky, Water and Mountain

Huang Sheng-Yuan

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Thursday 31st October

LAS Honan Prize Presentation talk by Matthew Thompson

RIBA North, Mann Island

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Thursday 7th November

Austin Williams

New Chinese Architecture: Twenty Women Building the Future

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Read the review here

Thursday 14th November

Dave King shedkm

'the technology of serendipity'

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Thursday 21st November

Carl Turner

Turner Works

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Read the review here

Tuesday 3rd December

Peripherals Of Performance

Prof Sharada Srinivasan

Peripherals Of Performance

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Thursday 5th December

Neil Elliott & Andrew Levers

Technology in the Built Environment

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Spring Semester Lectures 2019

Thursday 24th January

Spring School 2019

LSA Spring School 2019

Carl Turner & Simon Cadle
Geoff Rich
Howard Miller
Ragunath Vasudevan
Dr Patrick Lynch

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Thursday 31st January

Levitt Bernstein

Housing Design Handbook: designing for mixed communities

Levitt Bernstein
Book Launch and Talks
Chaired by Prof Mark Swenarton

6.00pm Budden Lecture Theatre

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Tuesday 12th February

Tim Heatley

'Designing an Experience'

Tim Heatley of Capital and Centric

5.00pm Budden Lecture Theatre

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Tuesday 19th February

M J Wells

Utopia, instrument, and tool: 
A thematic history of the architectural model

Dr Matthew Wells

5.00pm Budden Lecture Theatre

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Thursday 28th February

Geoff Rich

Creative Reuse

Geoff Rich (Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios)

5.00pm Budden Lecture Theatre

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Thursday 28th February

Breakfast Brexit Talk

RIBA Mann Island 8.00 am

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Thursday 28th February

What Next?

WHAT NEXT? Careers Day

Reilly Room, 10.00am - 5.00pm

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Thursday 7th March

Thelma Silcock

International Womens Day: Decades of LSA Women Alumni

Budden Lecture Theatre 5.00 – 8.00 pm

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Wednesday 20th March 

This Must Be The Place

This Must Be The Place: Liverpool’s Popular Music Venues

Professor Robert Kronenburg (Architecture)

Leggate Theatre, Victoria Gallery and Museum

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Wednesday 13th March

The Temporality of Building

European and Chinese Perspectives on Architecture and Heritage

1.00pm Budden Lecture Theatre

Thursday 28th March


Careers Day 2

Reilly Room & Stirling

10.00am - 5.00pm

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29th - 31st May 2019

Building Children’s Worlds

Looking at how modern architecture has been portrayed in children’s picture books since 1945 and exploring the potential influence of illustrations and portrayals of home.

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Thursday 2nd May

Off Road, Prof. Dipl. Ing. Christian Moczala

Off Road

Prof. Dipl. Ing. Christian Moczala

5.00pm Budden Lecture Theatre

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Tuesday 7th May

The world as a city

The World as a City

Professor Wolfgang Dokonal

12.00pm Budden Lecture Theatre

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Events in May & June

The Keyword Conversations

Liverpool & London Campuses

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Wednesday 26th June

Summer Degree Show in London

University of Liverpool in London

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Find out more

Autumn Semester Lectures 2018

Tuesday 25th September

How Food Shapes

Carolyn Steel: How Food Shapes Our World

5.00pm Budden Lecture Theatre

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Tuesday 9th October


LAS Honan Scholarship 2017 & 2018 Student Presentation

5.30pm Budden Lecture Theatre

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Monday 29th October


Liverpool, by 2020 the world’s first ‘climate positive’ city

11.00am to 12.00pm Budden Lecture Theatre

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Tuesday 27th November

Venice Biennale British Council Fellowship

Venice Tales and Fellowships

5.00pm Budden Lecture Theatre

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Tuesday 30th October

Ibstock Bricks

An Introduction to Brickwork and Innovations in Brickwork

Michael H Thomson Design Advisor at Ibstock brick

13th & 14th November

The Big Connect

The Big Connect

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Tuesday 20th November


Paul Arad. Acrylicize.
Selling Creativity

17.30 Budden Lecture Theatre

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Thursday 6th December

Ragunath Vasudevan

Pragmatic Parametric Poetry

A talk by Ragunath Vasudevan of

5.00pm Budden Lecture Theatre

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Spring Semester Lectures 2018

Thursday 1st February

Shepard Robson Link

Sheppard Robson

Launch of their 2018 Jicwood prize 

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Thursday 15th February

Mark Swennarton Link

Professor Mark Swenarton

Cook’s Camden

The Making of Modern Housing

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Thursday 1st March

Liverpool Young Architects Link

Liverpool Young Architects    

Tales of postgraduate paths

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Thursday 8th March


Emilio Caravatti


architecture and community

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Friday 9th March

shedkm link


A talk in two parts by Director Hazel Rounding


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Autumn Semester Lectures 2017

Wednesday 11th April

LSA_RIba Event

LSA_RIBA Education debate

A debate that brings together the RIBA and architectural educators from across the region

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Thursday 19th April


Robin Partington

Alumni Robin Partington talks about his life and work

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Thursday 19th April

Visa Breakfast

Visa Breakfast

Employing International Graduates, aimed at practices recruiting Part one or Part two Architecture Graduates

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Thursday 3rd May



RIBA North in collaboration Urban Splash with support from LSA and LJMU

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Monday 11th June

Housing RIBA North


RIBA North in collaboration Urban Splash with support from LSA and LJMU

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Thursday 28th September

A New Cathedral 1960

Dominic Wilkinson

A New Cathedral 1960

The competition for Liverpool's Catholic Cathedral

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Thursday 5th October

Inhabitable Infrastructures

CJ Lim

Inhabitable Infrastructures

Science fiction or urban future?

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Tuesday 10th October

Cultural Memory and Architecture

Robin Monotti RMA

Cultural Memory and Architecture

1.00pm Start

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Thursday 19th October



Everything Else is Still an Option

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Thursday 26th October

Ben Derbyshire Link

Ben Derbyshire RIBA President

'Change is necessary ' The future of the RIBA 

Talk with Q&A

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Thursday 9th November

Stephen Bayley Link

Stephen Bayley

Quentin Hughes Memorial Lecture

Seaport - Liverpool’s ineffable sense of place

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Thursday 16th November

Welsh Streets Link

Nina Edge and Dr Gareth Carr

The Welsh Streets of Liverpool 

5.30pm, Introduced by Neil Jackson

Talk with Q&A 

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Thursday 23rd November

Richard Pare Link

Richard Pare 

Architecture and Photography

From the lost vanguard to Le Corbusier

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Thursday 30th November

Caroline Voet

Caroline Voet

Dom Hans van der Laan

A House for the Mind

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Thursday 14th December

Professor George Baird

Professor George Baird

Japanness: Atelier Bow-Wow

Introduced by Michael Wilford

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Spring Semester Lectures 2017

25th January 2017

Marco De Michelis

Marco De Michelis

Budden Lecture Theatre,


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Tuesday 31st January 2017

Marco De Michelis

Life By Design

Budden Lecture Theatre,
Booking Required
11.30am to 1.00pm

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Thursday 2nd February 2017

Deyan Sudjic

Deyan Sudjic

Budden Lecture Theatre,


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Thursday 9th February 2017

A Gendered Profession

A Gendered Profession

Ruth Morrow and James Soane

Budden Lecture Theatre, 5.00pm

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March 16th February 2017

What is the objective of architectural education?

What is the objective of architectural education?

Michael Wilford, Patrick Lynch Dave King

Budden Lecture Theatre, 5.00pm

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Tuesday 21st March 2017

Dunlop Link

The North American Gridiron City

Professor Alan Dunlop

Budden Lecture Theatre, 1.00pm

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Thursday 23rd March 2017


Threats and Opportunities in Post-war Reconciliation

Dr. Ataa Alsalloum

Budden Lecture Theatre, 5.00pm

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Tuesday 28th March 2017

Ethics and Morality

Ethics and Morality: A discussion

Ian Ritchie, Alan Dunlop, Nick Ray, Michael Wilford and Dr Rosa Urbano Gutierrez, hosted by Johanna Muszbek

Budden Lecture Theatre, 7.00pm

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Thursday 30th March 2017

Ethic or Aesthetic-link

Ethic or Aesthetic?

Simon Henley from architects Henley Halebrown

Reilly Lecture Theatre, 1.00pm

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Thursday 27th April 2017

 Daniel Glenn

Contemporary Indigenous Architecture: Recent Works 

Daniel Glenn

Budden Lecture Theatre, 5.00pm

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Thursday 4th May 2017

LSA-Future Link

The LSA - an architecture school's future? 

Michael Wilford, Patrick Lynch, Dave King, Roger Stephenson, Prof Soumyen Bandyopadhyay, hosted by Ms Johanna Muszbek

Budden Lecture Theatre, 5.00pm

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Thursday 15th June 2017

Unknown Futures

School of Architecture Industry Night

The Liverpool School of Architecture, Leverhulme Building, Abercromby Square

4.00pm to 8.00pm

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Autumn Semester Lectures 2016

Thursday 29th September

Raw Concrete

Barnabas Calder

Raw Concrete: The Beauty of Brutalism

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Thursday 6th October

Japanese-Wood-Craftsmanship Small

Hugh Miller

Japanese Wood Craftsmanship

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Thursday 13th October


Patrick Lynch


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Thursday 20th October

Farm Urban

Paul Myers and Jens Thomas

Farm Urban: Urban food Production

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Thursday 10th November

Alun Jones   Dow Jones Architects Title - An Idea About Construction

Alun Jones

An Idea About Construction

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Thursday 17th November

CJ Lim Food City

CJ Lim

Food City

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Thursday 24th November

Architecture School Debate

Visiting Professors Discuss 'architecture school'

Stirling Gallery
5.30 pm - 6.30 pm

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Thursday 1st December

Fiona Mclachlan

Professor Fiona Mclachlan

Ethereal Material: Colour Strategies in Architecture

Photo: Urs Siegenthaler Zurich

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Thursday 8th December    

Dr Polly Gould

Dr Polly Gould

No More Elsewhere: Antarctica though the Archive of the Edward Wilson (1872-1912) Watercolours

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2015/16 Lecture Archive

1st October Joseph Sharples
8th October Carla Molinari Sequences in architecture
15th October Dr Marco Iuliano Stirling thinks
22nd October Cristóbal Amunátegui Things Made Whole
29th October Assemble Collective practice
5th November Ab Rogers and Jimmy Loizeau Nostalgia and Progression
12th November Prof. Ian Ritchie Architecture and Neuroscience
24th November November 2A +P/A The School, A space for education
3rd December Clare Nash RIBA role model
4th February Eric Parry Eric Parry Architects
11th February Irena Bauman Retrofitting Neighbourhoods - Designing for Resilience
18th February Jane Duncan President of RIBA 
25th February Darryl Condon HCMArchitects
3rd March David Nixon International Space Station – Architecture Beyond Earth
10th March David Houghton If we have seen it before it’s the wrong solution
14th April Dr Pedro Leão Neto Contemporary Photography: Architecture, City and Territory
21st April Oliver Heath The Science and Style of Biophilic Design
28th April Toby Wallis and Luke Cooper Collaborative design
5th May Stefanos Roimpas How not to answer questions
12th May Peter Clegg Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios

2014/15 Lecture Archive

23rd Oct CJ Lim Food City
30th Oct Jonathan Hendry Foraging
6th Nov Paul Domela On art, body and space and the speculation of an Architecture Biennial
13th Nov Stephanie Strain Assistant Curator of Tate Liverpool on Claude Parent and La Colline de l’Art commission
20th Nov Jay Gort Gort Scott Architects
27th Nov Patrick  Lynch Lynch Architects
4th Dec Raymond Quek Line Wash and Tone, architecture and the metropolis and the thematics of redemption
5th March Michael Wilford Composition and Character
10th March Justin de Syllas Peckham and Finsbury, London’s Pioneering 1930s health centres
12th March Roger Watt Haworth Tomkins Aspects of theatre design
19th March Matt Driscoll Director, Threefold Architects
30th April Sophie Goldhill and David Liddicoat Liddicoat & Goldhill

Guest Lectures and Talks

Each semester the Liverpool School of Architecture holds a quest lecture and talk series, with noted practitioners from the fields Architecture, Design and Art invited to speak to our undergraduate and postgraduate cohorts.

For any queries please contact Sandy Britton on

All lectures and talk, unless otherwise stated, take place on Wednesdays at 1PM, are Hybrid and free open access. In some cases prior booking via EventBrite or Zoom is required, for Hybrid events booking is essential.