Lecture Series: Gavin Hale-Brown

Three children looking in through an internal window set in a brick wall. on the window is a paper cutout world and a rainbow coloured text reading

Gavin Hale-BrownArchitecture & Society


we are very sorry to tell you that this talk  has had to be cancelled due to speaker illness, Gavin apologises and sends his best wishes, we will reconvene with him on a another date.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

Over almost three decades Henley Halebrown have been exploring a human centred architecture, one that sees society as its foundation. Their work has covered an unusually wide breadth of building types, from health and housing to commercial and education, resulting in many awards and twice being shortlisted for the RIBA Stirling Prize. This presentation will revisit schemes that have developed the studio’s thinking and is aimed at seeding a dialogue challenging us to consider how architecture can help to address the immense challenges that face our society.


Simon Henley and Gavin Hale-Brown founded their London-based studio in 1995 with a strong commitment for their architecture to serve a social purpose. Each building their studio designs is carefully planned to reflect its social logic, paying particular attention to the way people experience buildings, and how architecture affects our sense of well-being. The work of the studio includes homes, schools and university buildings, offices, health centres, arts and community projects.