Guest Lecture Series Film Archive

Since 2020, the Liverpool School of Architecture Guest Lecture Series has been presented either virtually over Zoomn during lockdown, or hybridly, with practitioners from the fields Architecture, Design and Art speaking to our staff, undergraduate and postgraduate cohorts.

Below are archived recordings of some of the most recent lectures.

Please note: we are currently migrating to a new streaming server so some lectures may not be available, we hope to have the migration complete by the begining of 2024. In the meantime if there is a particular lecture you wish to view that is not available please contact us here.

Robert Maxwell Memorial Lecture

Robert Maxwell

Kenneth Frampton Reflections on the predicament of Architecture: seven points in retrospect

A new lecture series entitled to alumnus Robert ‘Bob’ Maxwell (1922-2020). Maxwell, who graduated in Architecture and then took his diploma in Civic Design at the University of Liverpool in 1949, taught at the Bartlett, the AA, and was Dean at Princeton University.

Click here to watch the the inaugural lecture delivered by Kenneth Frampton, Emeritus Professor at Columbia University - Reflections on the predicament of Architecture: seven points in retrospect.

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Mental Health and the Built Environment

Historical and contemporary perspectives on mental health and the built environment

November & December 2020

Five online sessions of guest talks culminating in a round table discussion that focused on the complex and multi-faceted connections between mental health and the built environment.

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Crucibles, Vectors, Catalysts: Envisioning The Modern City

This online event brings together scholars, researchers and curators to explore the architectural production in the blurred era of independence to the post-colonial period of the mid-20th century, focussing on cities in Africa, Middle East and South Asia.

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