2022 Exhibition Link

Visit the Virtual Liverpool School of Architecture to see a showcase of our students work

Designing within the contexts of the current environment, economic and health crises, we are delighted to showcase the work of our graduating students, in BA3 and MArch5, as well as the work of students in all other years of the school from 1st year through to MA. The Virtual Liverpool School of Architecture also has links to our 2019/20 showcase.

For previous years work, student vistits and exhibitions please click the archive link.

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The LSA Yearbook

A celebration of the Liverpool School of Architecture and its community, the LSA22 Yearbook is now available.

Click here to download or order, or view previous years editions

Rendered image of a building with an external frame in context, a woman is walking her dog in front

Autumn Showcase

Explore the work of our BA, MArch and MA students from our 2021 Autumn showcase.

Explore here