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Visit the Virtual Liverpool School of Architecture to see a showcase of our students work

Designing within the contexts of the current environment, economic and health crises, we are delighted to showcase the work of our graduating students, in BA3 and MArch5, as well as the work of students in all other years of the school from 1st year through to MA. The Virtual Liverpool School of Architecture also has links to our 2019/20 showcase.

For previous years work work and events please click the archive link.

Yearbook Link

LSA21 Yearbook

A celebration of the Liverpool School of Architecture and its community, the LSA21 Yearbook is now available.

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Image of a mechanical cow entering a processing machine signifying the mechanisation of modern food production

Envisaging Sitopia

BA3 studio, Communities and Contested Spaces, is working with the theme of sustainable food. Following an online visit from Carolyn Steel, author of Sitopia: How Food Can Save the World (2020), students have considered their ideas for a future where our relationship with food shapes the world in a positive way.

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City of Fragments Render

City of Fragments

At the Liverpool School of Architecture, we turned the necessity of working online into a chance to experiment with new forms of creativity and foster a sense of belonging.

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