The Liverpool School of Architecture manages multiple seminar series reflecting the breadth of interests served. These are open to all staff and students of the University and we particularly encourage attendance by Honours and postgraduate students.

Each semester the Liverpool School of Architecture also holds a guest lecture series, with noted practitioners from the fields of Architecture, Design and Art invited to speak to our undergraduate and postgraduate cohorts. For any queries on these, please contact us at

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All lectures are free open access events, however in some cases prior booking via EventBrite is required. 

Upcoming Lectures

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Monday 5th July

Femin.Ae X Lsa Climate Crisis: Why Climate Action Needs Women

Femin.Ae X Lsa Climate Crisis

Why Climate Action Needs Women 

Why does Climate Action need women? Two student-led groups within the School of Architecture at Liverpool University aim to spark a conversation on how women are most affected by climate change and yet are still in minorities in leadership positions.

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Spring 2021: Student Led Events

Student Led Groups BlueThis semester's Guest Lecture Series features the first events organised and introduced by our Student Led Groups.

These have been established to provide collective voices to encourage activism, influence and change, as well as supporting a culture of empowerment. The groups provide a network to voice out and act on issues and identities.

The following groups are currently active:

Black Led Architecture Collective (BLAC)
The group aims to create a safe space for black students to be supported and heard. BLAC focuses on racial issues within architectural education and the architectural world, with a specific look at black people’s experiences within the profession.

LSA Climate Crisis
The Liverpool School of Architecture Climate Crisis Group is student-led and tackles environmental issues within the school and the wider university context.

Femin.AE (Women in Architecture)
Femin.AE is a student led collective within the university who are committed to educating and empowering students and staff alike. We aim to connect students across the school and provide a space for like-minded individuals to meet, learn and educate each other about fellow women in the profession.

Queer Students of Architecture (QSofA)
Queer Students of Architecture welcomes all who identify as part of LGBTQ+ or are allies of the community, providing a safe space to facilitate the discussion of issues in relation to architecture from the perspective of people of queer, and queer questioning, identities. This space promotes and encourages a group that is otherwise under-represented in the school, the profession, and the architectural curriculum.

For more information on the Student Led Groups, visit here, or contact Nick Webb