Research themes

    The University’s research themes focus on interdisciplinary research areas with a breadth and critical mass of research excellence. They are important to meeting our Strategy 2031 ambitions.

    Powerhouse of global discovery driven science: particle & accelerator physics research at Liverpool

    Professors Graziano Venanzoni, Tara Shears and Carsten Welsch explain how through our programme of exploration and discovery, we are addressing the most fundamental research questions in physics – leading and influencing global discovery driven scientific efforts to advance our understanding and description of nature.

    Research highlights: Professor William Hope, Dr Ishwar Singh and Professor Alison Holmes

    THE Connect: saving lives with antimicrobial optimisation

    Listen to Professor Alison Holmes, Professor William Hope, Dame Sally Davies and Dr Ishwar Singh discuss the global challenge posed by antimicrobial resistance. You can also read the full article. International space station

    MicroAge: muscles, ageing and microgravity

    Discover the fascinating research taking place on the International Space Station that is helping us to understand what happens to human muscles as we age, and why. image of MIF building

    Unilever and the University of Liverpool

    Discover more about our collaborative research partnership with one of the world's largest consumer goods companies.

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