Research themes

The University’s research themes focus on interdisciplinary research areas with a breadth and critical mass of research excellence. They are important to meeting our Strategy 2026 ambitions.

Supporting the transition to net zero in Liverpool City Region

Our researchers are harnessing their academic expertise to support businesses and organisations in the city region to reach the City Council's net zero target. They are developing collaborative projects with proven low carbon and commercial value.

Research highlights: A robotic arm holding a lightbulb

Advanced materials

Find out how our innovative work is helping governments and businesses across the world work towards reducing their carbon emissions. International space station

MicroAge: muscles, ageing and microgravity

Discover the fascinating research taking place on the International Space Station that is helping us to understand what happens to human muscles as we age, and why. History Whisperer exhibit at St Georges Hall

The History Whisperer

We are leading the development of engaging architectural heritage visitor experiences.

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