Research themes

    The University’s research themes focus on interdisciplinary research areas with a breadth and critical mass of research excellence. They are important to meeting our Strategy 2026 ambitions.

    Supporting the transition to net zero in Liverpool City Region

    Our researchers are harnessing their academic expertise to support businesses and organisations in the city region to reach the City Council's net zero target. They are developing collaborative projects with proven low carbon and commercial value.

    Research highlights: Father and daughter looking at tablet together

    Devising a minimum digital living standard for families across the UK

    We are leading new research into our digital lives through devising a minimum digital living standard (MDLS) for households with children across the UK. This work builds on the recently completed Me and My Big Data project. Both projects have been funded by the Nuffield Foundation. International space station

    MicroAge: muscles, ageing and microgravity

    Discover the fascinating research taking place on the International Space Station that is helping us to understand what happens to human muscles as we age, and why. image of two adults with baby

    Children Growing up in Liverpool

    We are improving the health and wellbeing of Children growing up in Liverpool through our research.

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