Research themes

    The University’s research themes focus on interdisciplinary research areas with a breadth and critical mass of research excellence. They are important to meeting our Strategy 2031 ambitions.

    How research at Liverpool is shaping policy

    We work with communities, citizens, and those affected by policy challenges – to provide the insights, learnings and solutions to shape policy, at local, national and global levels. Watch this video to find out how we're making an impact around the world.

    Research highlights: Archaeology researchers excavating a wooden structure at Kalambo Falls in Zambia.

    THE Connect: rewriting our understanding of early humans

    Listen to Professor Larry Barham, Dr Nikki George and Perrice Nkombwe talk about their fascinating discovery and the impact it has had beyond academia.  You can also read the full article. International space station

    MicroAge: muscles, ageing and microgravity

    Discover the fascinating research taking place on the International Space Station that is helping us to understand what happens to human muscles as we age, and why. image of equipment

    Advanced Materials innovation at the University of Liverpool

    Discover our research in materials chemistry and computer-aided materials design with industry partners, including applications in clean energy, sustainable living and consumer products, helping reduce carbon emissions.

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