Research themes

    The University’s research themes focus on interdisciplinary research areas with a breadth and critical mass of research excellence. They are important to meeting our Strategy 2031 ambitions.

    How research at Liverpool is shaping policy

    We work with communities, citizens, and those affected by policy challenges – to provide the insights, learnings and solutions to shape policy, at local, national and global levels. Watch this video to find out how we're making an impact around the world.

    Research highlights:

    Particle Physics A large hadron collider

    Pushing the frontiers of particle physics

    Our research in particle physics is at the forefront of major scientific breakthroughs around the world, making Liverpool a global powerhouse of discovery-driven science.

    Tackling typhoid fever

    Discover how a Liverpool led clinical trial for a typhoid vaccine led to a national roll out for for all children aged 9 months through to 15 years in Malawi

    Devising a minimum digital living standard Father and daughter looking at tablet together

    Devising a minimum digital living standard

    Explore our new research into our digital lives through devising a minimum digital living standard (MDLS) for households with children across the UK.

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