Enabling environment

At the University of Liverpool, research is a process of exploration through academic analysis where researchers, peers and mentors offer feedback and insights into the design and delivery process, in a focused and supportive environment.

Targeted funding and research support initiatives provide the space, time and resources required for academic endeavours to develop and flourish.

We continuously work towards creating an exciting research environment that supports the development of future research leaders, who are enabled to fulfil their potential and contribute towards our overarching aim to improve health, create wealth and ensure social justice.

Equipping our researchers with the means to fulfil their research aims and career potential is of primary importance to us at Liverpool. Strategic investment into our research facilities and researcher development programmes allow our academics to continue to push at research boundaries.

Targeted funding Targeted funding for research at the University of Liverpool

Targeted funding

A range of targeted funding opportunities are available at the University of Liverpool giving academics the chance to test early ideas, explore partnerships and establish networks.

Developing careers Head and shoulders shot of Eva

Developing careers

We support career development for our researchers in many ways. Read more about the opportunities offered by the University.

Peer Support peer support module

Peer support

Academics and expert professional services colleagues work together to provide feedback and advice to those publishing their work, applying for grants and increasing the impact of their research.

Data Management and Open access Research data management at the University of Liverpool

Data management and open access

The University is committed to making as much of its research output available on an open access basis as possible.