The Liverpool water front illuminated at dusk.

Liverpool: Our global city

Liverpool is a city with a world-class reputation and a global dream. A city that has helped shape the world, home to musical icons and unrivalled sporting success, this is a place where innovation and pioneering thinking thrives. And it’s a city that we’re proud to be partnered with, both on a local level and as we stand side by side to extend our joint influence worldwide. 

Liverpool and global impact 

Initially establishing itself on the world stage thanks to its position as a port city, Liverpool has continued to have an impact across the world. With a lower cost of living and universities brimming with world-class talent and knowledge, the Liverpool City Region is open to the world, welcoming investment from businesses worldwide that want to thrive in a city home to a wealth of skills and a big future. 

  • Home to the University of Liverpool, with over 31,000 students studying across more than 30 subject areas 
  • Ranked as the 7th best city in the world to visit (Timeout) and 4th friendliest city in the world (Rough Guide) 
  • Home to the Knowledge Quarter, one of the country's largest academic and clinical campuses 
  • Well located, just over two hours from London and with a workforce of 6 million located within an hour of the city. 
  • A City Region economy of more than £12 billion bringing in £1 billion per year in new investment. (Invest Liverpool) 

The Docks and maritime  

Liverpool has historically thrived on a global scale thanks to its position as a port city. Today, the city’s prominent location on the Mersey and its iconic Docks continue to allow it to prosper. As well as being a vibrant tourist hub welcoming visitors from across the globe, it's also a waterfront location ripe for investment in business and enterprise and more than £15 billion of investment opportunities (Invest Liverpool). 

Science and research 

Liverpool’s connection to the rest of the world far exceeds our docklands. When Professor Oliver Lodge generated the world’s first public radio transmission from the University of Liverpool campus, he propelled the world into a new age of communication. And the city hasn’t stopped its journey of discovery since. 

Today, Liverpool is a thriving hub of scientific discovery, from world-leading research at the Pandemic Institute to being one of only five national science and innovation campuses (Invest Liverpool), the city makes the most of its knowledgeable workforce to seek real change in the world.  

This is showcased by ground-breaking discoveries in key areas such as vaccinations, sustainability and clean energy, and materials and digital innovation. 

Arts and culture 

Liverpool is a city where creativity thrives. Home to music makers who have gifted new sounds to the world, actors who have brought some of the most famous characters to life and to playwrights and poets who cast spells with the written word, this is a city with a truly global cultural influence. 

For generations, Liverpool has brought innovation and breakthroughs to the world of music. Its place as a UNESCO City of Music showcases the true impact the city and its talented musicians have had across the world, from the Beatles to Frankie Goes to Hollywood and more. With more number one singles than any other city, Liverpool’s footprint on the global music scene is difficult to match. 

Ours is a city with the eyes of the world upon it. From hosting the prestigious Eurovision song contest in 2023, to serving as the backdrop to some of the largest movie and television franchises in the world, Liverpool is ever-present in modern culture. The city’s eclectic architectural skyline has provided countless opportunities to create an atmosphere fit for the big screen, from Peaky Blinders to the Fast and Furious movies.  


A competitive nature and a never-say-die attitude drive Liverpool’s City Region. And that spirit is perhaps most prevalent in the world of sport, where Liverpool has risen to challenge after challenge to take on some of the biggest cities in the world and come out on top. 

From two of the oldest and most successful football clubs in the country and across the world – Liverpool FC and Everton FC – to Olympic athletes and mixed martial arts world champions, this a city that nurtures winner and drives a desire to compete with the very best. 

Global vision 

The Liverpool City Region is one of the fastest growing economies in the UK, and with good reason. The people and talent prevalent in Liverpool allow it to stand out as a place of discovery and forward-thinking approaches. Our digital and creative sectors, along with the work taking place here in healthcare and materials development make Liverpool a hub of change that’s shaping the way we see the world.  

Liverpool continues to thrive on a global scale and welcome investment because it is a place that seeks to understand, to learn and to advance. And with more than 7,500 students from around the world coming here to study every year, the diverse talent and knowledge the city thrives on can only grow stronger.  

At the University of Liverpool, we support the city and its global outlook by setting up networks to nurture creativity and advancement through our collaborative networks.

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