Consultancy and access to facilities

We offer a dedicated consultancy service, enabling staff to share their skills and apply their research expertise to help a wide range of organisations.

At the University of Liverpool, we are constantly generating ideas, making discoveries and finding innovative solutions to overcome challenges and make a direct impact on society.

Whether you require support for a one-off project or a longer term collaboration, our consultancy services can combine world-class expertise with access to state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to create a tailor-made solution that meets your needs.

We work on a diverse range of projects covering all sectors including:

  • Writing reports on technical, economic, environmental or commercial issues
  • Policy and procedural guidance
  • Expert advice on the implementation of new products
  • Being an advisory group member
  • Guidance on clinical trials from design to statistical analysis
  • Advice on, and appearance in TV documentaries and films
  • Acting as an expert witness
  • Managed access to University facilities.

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