Knowledge Transfer Partnerships for Graduates

Fast track your career by becoming a KTP Associate.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships enable recently qualified graduates (known as KTP Associates) to work in companies managing challenging projects central to the development needs of participating companies.

As an Associate in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership you will be able to enhance your career prospects by benefiting from business based training and personal and professional development whilst managing a project within a company.

Depending on the nature of the Project, a KTP Associate may be a recently qualified first degree graduate, someone who has recently qualified with a Higher degree, or someone who has recently qualified with a Higher National Certificate or Diploma (HNC/HND), NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) at Level 4, or a Foundation Degree.

Take up the challenge

Typical challenges you could encounter as a KTP Associate, depending on your qualifications, include designing and introducing new or improved products or processes, reorganising production facilities, introducing improved quality systems and technology, or developing and implementing marketing strategies to break into new markets.

You will need to work hard but the rewards are substantial; as an Associate you will earn a competitive salary.

The big picture

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are Government funded and enable UK businesses to benefit from the wide range of expertise available in the UK's 'Knowledge Base' - higher education institutions, further education colleges, and private and public sector research organisations and institutes.

At the heart of each Knowledge Transfer Partnership is a relationship between a company and staff in a Knowledge Base organisation applying their expertise to a project that is central to the development of the Company Partner. In the process, staff in the Knowledge Base are able to enhance the business relevance of their teaching and research.

Each Knowledge Transfer Partnership is managed by a team involving senior staff from both the Knowledge Base and the Company Partner, and a recently qualified graduate recruited as the KTP Associate when the Knowledge Transfer Partnership proposal has been approved.

To find out more and look for vacancies visit the Innovate UK website.

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