Freedom of Information 

These pages provide practical and straightforward advice on how to request information from the University under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI).

A Freedom of Information request is when an individual asks for a piece of information from a public body such as the University. The information will be shared unless there is a legal reason not to, or gathering the information will be very time consuming.

What do you already publish?
We already publish accounts, budgets, finances, information on how we are governed and our plans and policies.  You can see what information is available by checking the University Publication Scheme. Any other information can be requested under the Act.

How do I make a Freedom of Information request?
This page provides straightforward guidance on how to make a Freedom of Information request. If your request is for information about yourself, you should make a Subject Access Requests under the GDPR.

Will my response be handled within FOI timescales?
In accordance with the FOI Code of Practice, we publish statistics regarding our performance of handling FOI requests.

Year 19201920192019201920
Period  Jan-Mar Apr-Jun Jul-Sep Oct-Dec Total
Requests received 133 163 111 100  158   136   538  
Requests in progress  27 29  26 35  34   27   27  
Requests completed  102 130  81 65 108    106    486   
Outcome - information provided in full  47  69  52 29  65   56   270  
Outcome - information refused in full  7 13  10 7   11   42  
Outcome - information provided in part  48  44  17 29  26   33   157  
Outcome - request withdrawn or invalid 1 9   1   21  

In 2019, 15 requests were subject to an internal review. We update this total annually each January.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you need further advice about FOI at the University of Liverpool, please contact Legal & Governance:

Freedom of Information Officer
Legal & Governance
Foundation Building
University of Liverpool
Brownlow Hill
Liverpool L69 7ZX

Last update: 2nd July 2020