Travel, Conferences and Remote Working

When travelling on University business please ensure you have completed a Record of Overseas Travel prior to departure for insurance purposes.

All staff and students should read IT services overseas travel advice prior to travel.

Travelling Abroad and Remote Working

If you are travelling abroad on University business with controlled Items and you have an export control licence you should continue to ensure adherence to the terms of the licence.

If you are travelling abroad on University business with, or access to controlled Items, and you do not have an export control licence you should either obtain one prior to travel or do not take the Item or electronic devices containing the controlled Items/information with you overseas. If you require a laptop for travel and can’t remove the controlled Items, you should contact IT services at the earliest opportunity (at least 4 weeks before travel ideally) to request a blank device. You should not access shared University drives or other data portals which contain controlled Items. Be aware of accessing emails which contain controlled Technology/information, if in doubt do not access them. This applies to remote working overseas too for example on a data-collection trip and choosing to work outside the UK remotely.


If you are travelling abroad to attend a conference related to your University work please ensure the information you share does not breach export control legislation. 

If you are presenting at a conference abroad and it includes controlled information or data that you do not have an export control licence for you should adapt the presentation to ensure it is removed. If it is essential that the presentation includes the controlled information or data you must obtain a licence prior to attending the conference. Be aware of the exemptions which could apply to the information and data that you intend to present, information or data already in the public domain or which is basic scientific research is exempt. 


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