How we make decisions

Policy proposals and decisions. Decision making processes, internal criteria and procedures, consultations.

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4. How we make decisions      

Governance structure

This class contains information relating to how the University’s management structure is organised and the function and purpose of each part of the management structure.

University Council - Council is the University's overall governing body.  It delegates the majority of academic governance matters to Senate.  Online  Free  

Senate - Subject to oversight and control by the Council, Senate is responsible for promoting research, for promoting and regulating learning and teaching, and for maintaining the quality and standards of the University’s academic provision.

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Formal Senior Leadership Team (FSLT) is the University's key operational management Committee and is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dame Janet Beer.  FSLT takes decisions on major operational matters that have institutional reach, and strategic issues where doing so is time critical. Online  Free  
Committee structure, terms of reference and membership - Council and Senate are supported in their work by a range of more specialist committees.   Online  Free  

Last update: 23rd January 2020