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Teaching whilst overseas or delivering teaching or supervision to those overseas

Teaching or supervising those overseas falls under the scope of export control legislation. Most undergraduate teaching is typically in the public domain therefore exempt. However, teaching or supervision given to PG students whilst overseas could be subject export controls. This includes PGR students studying with University of Liverpool and an overseas partner (split-site or off-site), as well as those based here but are temporarily overseas. For example, a supervisor may need an export control licence to export Technology as part of the supervision process to a student who is usually Liverpool based but temporarily overseas and to those split-site or off-site students. Or the student themselves may require a licence to take Items (including Technology) either back to their country of study following a period visiting the UK or if they require those Items for a data collection period overseas when they are usually solely based in Liverpool. 

International students studying in the UK on a UK Student visa are also subject to the visa study condition of 'attendance in the UK', unless there is a temporary agreed change of study location. For more information on this please see the International Advice & Guidance team webpage or contact them.


Some students to the University who are studying a post-graduate programme in certain subjects require ATAS clearance. ATAS clearance is based on the subject matter (CAH code) and the nationality of the student taking the programme. However, if the subject matter alone requires ATAS clearance (regardless of the nationality of the student), this should be used as an indicator that potentially the need for an export control licence could be required if controlled Items will be exported overseas. This applies to students of any nationality who could export an Item overseas either via electronic means or physically taking Items overseas.

When students (PhD in particular) are carrying out data collection overseas as part of their research export control legislation applies, therefore any specialist equipment exported or carried with them, Software or Technology/information they access whilst overseas that is controlled should have a licence for export. Please factor this requirement in prior to permitting a PhD or other PG level student a period of data collection overseas. 


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