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Legal & Compliance

2nd Floor, The Foundation Building, 765 Brownlow Hill, Liverpool L69 7ZX

Foundation Building access information

Kevan Ryan
0151 794 2110

Zoey Armitage
Office Manager/Personal Assistant to Kevan Ryan
0151 795 0523 

James Fox
Assistant Director of Legal Services
0151 795 0654

Stephen Davenport
Property Solicitor 
0151 795 0655

Dei Harries
Employment Solicitor
0151 794 2010

Victoria Heath
Data Protection Manager
0151 794 2148

Kirsty Rothwell
Freedom of Information/Data Protection Officer
0151 794 5819
FOI requests:


Mark Neill 
Insurance Manager 
0151 794 2138

Research & Research Related Contracts

Waterhouse Building, 3 Brownlow Street, Liverpool L69 3GL

Waterhouse Building access information

David McVey 
Head of Research Contracts  
0151 794 8792

Stephanie Laidlaw 
Research Contracts Officer 
0151 794 8052

Barrie Owens
Research Contracts Officer
0151 794 9778

Hannah Gavigan
Research Contracts Assistant
0151 795 5257

Michael Muldoon
Research Contracts Assistant
0151 795 7343

Sophie Boardman
Administrative Assistant
0151 794 9427

Health and Safety  The Safety Adviser's Office is responsible for monitoring and advising on health and safety across the University.  We co-ordinate safety matters throughout the University, inspect and advise on aspects of health and safety and provide training.  The service is based at 24 Oxford Street, Liverpool L69 7WX

Radiation Protection The Radiation Protection Office provides advice on the installation and use of X-ray equipment, lasers, UV, microwave and radio-frequency devices and on the hazards of working with radioactive substances.  The service is based at Oliver Lodge Labs, Oxford Street, Liverpool L69 7ZE

Occupational Health The University's Occupational Health Service is committed to safeguarding the health, safety and well-being of all staff and students.  We provide services to protect health of staff and students at work, in training and in study, to assess fitness for work, training and study and to help manage health issues effectively.  Staff and students can expect a service that is courteous and professional.  The service is based at 28 Oxford Street, Liverpool L69 7WX