Privacy notices

Privacy Notices tell individuals exactly what the University will do with their personal data.  These documents will tell you:

  • Who will own it.
  • What it will be used for.
  • What the legal basis is for collecting it.
  • What types of information we need.
  • Who the information will be shared with.
  • How long it will be kept for.
  • How you can withdraw your consent (where appropriate).
  • Whether the information will be transferred abroad.
  • Whether the information will be used to make any automated decisions about you.
  • What rights you have under the GDPR.
  • How you can complain to the University’s Data Protection Officer.
  • How you can complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The notices below provide general information concerning the University’s use of personal data from different stakeholder groups.  

Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA)

HESA privacy information - The University of Liverpool, like all universities, must provide personal data concerning students and staff  to HESA each year. The University has signed a data sharing agreement with HESA to ensure appropriate safeguards are in place for that sharing. A subset of this data is included in the Heidi Plus database provided by HESA Services Ltd (HESA's wholly-owned subsidiary), to which we subscribe and which can be accessed by some of our staff who need the data for their work and have had appropriate training in information security.

Heidi Plus includes data relating to individuals who have undertaken higher education courses in the UK and staff working for higher education providers. Any data which we can access through Heidi Plus does not include names and identifiers but could potentially be identifiable data to a third party who already has other information about the individual. Access to this data is granted under strict contractual terms for specific purposes relating to research, administration and equal opportunities monitoring.

If you require further information about any data relating to you which may be held within Heidi Plus, please contact HESA Services Ltd by emailing