Mental wellbeing

Being at University is an exciting phase of your life. You will be meeting new people and new ideas. The whole student experience is designed to stretch you intellectually, academically and personally. It will be challenging.

Give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you feel. Being curious about things requires uncertainty, confusion and sometimes vulnerability. There will be highs but there will also be lows. We all feel sad, worried, and overwhelmed at times. Remember it’s not just you who is experiencing this, every student is travelling the same path, even if some of them don’t have the courage to admit it.

Most people have some idea about what mental wellbeing is. However, there are big differences between advice-giving, support, counselling, psychotherapy, coaching and mentoring. At the University there are a number of people and services that can help you with all of these.

Who to speak to

Your school will have a Learning and Support Officer (LTSO) or a Student Experience team, there are also academics attached to each department who can support you if you are struggling. There are Peer Mentors trained in wellbeing support and help available for Muslim, Jewish and Christian students through the Chaplaincy team. There are independent advisors in the Guild and Wardens and Residential Advisors if you are in University residence. So the first step is to think about what help and support you really need.

If you are concerned that you cannot keep yourself safe then please do ask for help.

Wellbeing Advice and Guidance

Wellbeing Advice

The Wellbeing Team is here to provide information, advice and guidance to students and staff on a range of personal and social issues, with a focus on improving the overall mental and physical wellbeing

Counselling Service

Counselling Service

The Counselling Service is a confidential psychological therapy service where you can develop an increased understanding of yourself by exploring how you think, behave and feel about an issue such as home and family relationships, depression, anxiety, trauma, bereavement and loss, sex, sexuality, and loneliness. To access this service please contact the Wellbeing Team or your LTSO.

Mental Health Advisory Service

Mental Health Advisory Service

The Mental Health Advisory Service provide a confidential service for students experiencing complex and/or significant mental health difficulties during the course of their studies, these can be short or long term.

Self Help Guides

Self-help guides

From stress to sleep problems to depression, our self-help guides cover a range of mental wellbeing topics.

Wellbeing Advice and Guidance

Workshops and events

Workshops and events providing help and guidance about mental wellbeing.

Health Assured

Health assured helpline

A 24-hour student assistance helpline and app.

Mental health project

Mental health project

Improving Student Mental Health through Partnerships Project

Support during Welcome

How are you settling in?

If you are feeling anxious, stressed, or just need to talk – we’re here for you.