Welcome to the Counselling Service

Anyone, at any time, can have thoughts and emotions that may feel overwhelming. The Counselling Service is here to help you explore how you think, behave and feel about an issue and help you find appropriate ways to make changes in your life. We are a confidential, inclusive service with qualified therapists trained in a range of evidence-based psychological therapies.

Our service provides a supportive pathway with a stepped care model; this means that you can access us quickly and get the most effective help for your needs:

  • We offer something called Single Session Therapy (SST); the model is designed so that students can fill out two simple forms and be seen by a therapist. Single Session Therapy is designed to address students presenting concerns within one session. This appointment is usually sufficient for many students.
  • Single Session Therapy is also the entry point to our other therapeutic services, should a student present with more complex needs. We offer longer-term therapy over a few weeks or months, should this be appropriate.


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