How to Apply and Types of Licence

How to Apply

Once you have ascertained you will need to apply for a licence, please contact the International Risk and Export Control Officer using the online Export Control Query form to start the application process. The information on the Export Control Query form will be assessed and you will be contacted by the Officer with advice about the next steps. If an export control licence application needs to be submitted the IRECO will explain the process of submitting an application to the Export Control Join Unit through the SPIRE system and ask the Export Control Application Information form is completed with specific details about the export such as quantity, value etc. 

Types of Licence

The main types of licence the University would likely require:

  • Open general export licence (OGEL) – these are licences that already exist permitting unlimited quantities of low risk Items to low risk countries. Registration is required to use this type of licence. There will be specific conditions which need to be met. The OGEL checker lists all existing licences which can be used.
  • Standard individual export licence (SIEL) – this is a specific licence granted for a given quantity of specific Items to a specific end-user. An application is required for this and no export can be made until a decision is received and licence granted. Applications can take between 20-90 working days, although in some cases it may take longer.
  • No Licence Required (NLR) - This is issued when an application for a non-coded Item is submitted because of end-use concerns, this would usually be applicable if working with an entity in a key country.  A SIEL can only be issued for coded-Items, this status is granted to those exporting Items not coded (not on the Strategic Export Control list) but have dual-use potential for military/WMD. An NLR can stipulate conditions, so adherence to the  NLR and any conditions is still required. 

After a licence is granted compliance with the terms of the licence willl be required, the International Risk & Export Control Officer will advise further on this. When Items/information is ready to be exported the following statement should be included when providing the controlled Items: 

“This item/information is a UK Export controlled item/information, categorised by code XXX of the UK Strategic Export Control List. Exported to XXX (insert destination country) under licence number XXX (insert licence number). Onward movement to another country may require an export licence, it is your organisation’s responsibility to ensure a licence is obtained, if required. Advice on licencing should be sought from the relevant national export control authority in XXX (insert destination country).”

End User Check

If you have assessed that you do not require a licence but there are end-use concerns or red flags regarding your collaborator, or they are based in a key country an ‘end-use check’ should be carried out. Please complete the Export Control Query Form to provide information to the International Risk & Export Control Officer for further action.

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