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Here you’ll find information and guidance on our aim to be a leader in sustainability. By 2035, at the latest, we will hit net zero carbon; we will reduce our waste by 50% by 2025; and every student now has access to education for sustainable development.




Sustainability at the University of Liverpool

The University is actively taking steps to look at its impact on climate change and wider sustainable development. In January 2020, we signed an accord committing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and have developed a Sustainability Strategy, building on existing activities, research, and education strengths in this area. In November 2022 we launched a new Climate Plan which sets out the ambitions, principles, and commitments in relation to addressing the climate crisis and outlines how we are going to move forward in developing our pathway to achieving net zero by 2035. With key activities already underway, the Climate plan will help us transition to net zero at pace and with real impact.

Our sustainable University

Our sustainable University

See how we're progressing sustainability accross the University. 

Climate Plan

Climate Plan

The University's Climate Plan sets out our ambitions, principles and commitments to being net zero by 2035. 

Get involved

Get involved

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