Our impact

Our researchers create global and local solutions aiming to improve health, create wealth and ensure social justice. REF 2021 has ranked 94% of this impactful research as outstanding or very considerable. Below, you can read about some of the ways our research is changing society for the better.

Transforming palliative care Nurse helping elderly patient to walk

Transforming palliative care

This research has informed policy at Government level and impacted palliative care service provision across hospices, hospitals and patient’s homes.

Influencing political party change Stormont government building in Belfast

Political party change in Northern Ireland

This research has helped to inform policy-makers and has been used by institutions including the European Parliament and the House of Commons Northern Ireland Affairs and Constitutional Affairs committees.

Management of glaucoma Female doctor examining a patient's eye

Management of serious eye conditions

Researchers at Liverpool are improving the management of these vision-threatening conditions, developing more accurate techniques to avoid misdiagnosis and allow optimal treatment.

Transforming community infrastructure investment in England Aerial view of housing estate

Driving affordable housing regeneration

Behavioural insights research has reformed key policy areas on the financial and in-kind investments that accompany real estate development in England.

Rotavirus Child receiving the rotavirus vaccine

Rotavirus vaccine

Our research has facilitated and accelerated the introduction of rotavirus vaccines in low-income African countries, preventing thousands of infant deaths.

Equine laminitis Vet walking a horse

Equine laminitis - changing practice

A team of researchers have proved the importance of the endocrine disorders that cause laminitis, which has had a major impact on the equine pharmaceutical industry, informing laminitis awareness initiatives.

Obesity in dogs and cats Overweight dog

Preventing obesity in dogs and cats

Researchers developed novel therapeutic weight loss diets to improve the quality of life of thousands of animals.

Tackling childhood obesity Child drinking fizzy drink through a straw

Tackling childhood obesity

The Law and Non-Communicable Diseases Unit researches the impact of the tobacco, alcohol and food industries on children’s health.

Management of brain infections Brain scan images

Management of brain infections

Research at Liverpool has improved surveillance, diagnosis and management leading to new UK guidelines, with global impact.

Improving manufacturing processes Chemical factory

Developing a green and low-cost acrylic manufacturing process

The energy-efficient Lucite Alpha process generates significant profit for its partners whilst reducing the environmental burden.

Music tourism in Liverpool Statue of the The Beatles at Liverpool pier head

Music tourism in Liverpool

Research into the cultural legacy of the Beatles has consolidated Liverpool’s status as a world-famous music tourism destination and led to the creation of the Beatles Legacy Group