Data Protection Policy

The University’s Data Protection Policy is produced for a number of key purposes and is intended to be read by staff that handle personal data.

  • It gives an overview of how data protection applies to all University staff. It tells staff how data protection applies to their day to day work and areas of data protection that they must be aware of.
  • This policy gives practical advice to staff about what to do in specific situations, such as receiving a rights request, discovering a potential data breach and to comply with data protection when handling personal data.
  • It makes staff aware of the University’s commitment to data protection compliance and tells staff where to obtain further advice and information where necessary.
  • This policy has been approved by the University’s Information Governance Committee. Any breach of this policy will be taken seriously and may result in disciplinary proceedings.
  • Any individual who considers that the policy has not been followed in respect of their personal data should raise the matter with the University Data Protection Officer, in the first instance. 

Last update: 24th January 2020