Occupational Health Service

The University of Liverpool Occupational Health Service provides confidential services to protect the health of staff and students, assessing and advising on fitness for work, training and study, so as to ensure that health issues are effectively managed.

The University believes that all staff and students should have the opportunity to access high-quality occupational health support for health issues that are a result of, or which affect, their employment or study within the university.

Our staff see clients by appointment. In general, management referral documents are necessary before any clients are assessed. Our staff cannot provide primary care, minor injury or accident and emergency services. 

The service is based at:

Occupational Health
28 Oxford Street
L69 7WX

Campus map building 444.

Confidentiality and medical records

Occupational Health provides an advisory service to the university, promoting the health, safety, and well-being of staff and students.

We conform to standards of clinical confidentiality, acting with integrity to provide an independent service. Service users have a right to expect that no personal or medical information will be shared or disclosed unless their consent is obtained to do so. 

Occupational Health records are classified as medical records for which professional guidance and legislation exist; including the General Data Protection Regulation 2017, The Access to Health Records Act 1990 and The Medical Report Act 1998; which requires the University to ensure that occupational health records are only accessible by Occupational Health staff. 

Our role is not to take over the function of the General Practitioner or other Health Services, which are provided for the community at large.

Our advisory role does not diminish the ultimate responsibility of all managers for the welfare, guidance and safety of their staff and students. 

Our services are provided on an appointment basis.

Staff and students may be referred by management to the Occupational Health Service at any time during their employment or study.

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