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Our experienced teams are easy to work with and just one click or phone call away from helping you with your organisation’s needs.

IP commercialisation

General enquiries:

Emma Nolan, Head of IP Commercialisation
0151 794 8399

Donna Martyn, IP Administrator
0151 794 8562

Debbie Yates, Office Administrator
0151 794 8350

Chris Walters, Legal and IP Associate

Michal Filus, Enterprise Manager 

Dr Stephen Casabella, IP Manager 

Science and Engineering

Andrew Spencer, Business Manager
0151 794 8384

Charlotte Relf, Business Manager 

Health and Life Sciences

Carolyn Horrocks, Head of Life Sciences  

Dr Sarah Brumskill, Associate IP Commercialisation Manager 



Research collaborations and partnerships

Health and Life Sciences

Carol Roberts, Senior Impact and Business Development Manager 
0151 794 8569

Humanities and Social Sciences

Kate Spicer, Senior Impact and Business Development Manager
0151 794 8564

Science and Engineering

Dr Lisa Carey (nee Ahmed), Senior Impact and Business Development Manager
0151 795 5467

Consultancy and Innovation

Sonja Vujovic: Head of Consultancy & Innovation
0151 794 8343

Dr Susan Kenny, Senior Consultancy Business Manager
0151 795 5468

Vicki O'Kelly, Senior Partnerships & Innovation Manager
0151 795 7881

Anthony Mtitimila, Senior Partnerships & Innovation Manager
0151 794 8369

Nick DoranSenior Partnerships & Innovation Manager 


Knowledge transfer partnerships

Inma Gonzalez, KTP, Impact and Business Development Manager
0151 794 8073


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