Virtual Engineering Centre

Virtual Engineering Centre

The VEC (Virtual Engineering Centre) provides innovative solutions for real-world industry problems through the exploitation of our academic research and access to the latest technology.

Whether you want to create a virtual prototype, recreate an environment in the virtual world to test a product, or run millions of scenarios using the latest technology in high-performance computing, our proven expertise can improve quality and safety, and reduce costs and time to market, across a magnitude of industries and sectors.

The VEC offers the perfect environment to foster collaboration and address common barriers through exploratory projects and harnesses the specialist technologies and leading research available from the VEC and its extensive networks.

We provide access to digital testbeds and the latest scientific infrastructure. Through our partnerships and networks, we inform future government policy in applied digital technology to support future research for impact.

Our clients

We help organisations of all sizes to explore, assess and adopt digital technologies, supported by the appropriate skills development, including blue chip companies and SMEs across a broad range of industries including aerospace, automotive, energy, transport, FMCG and space. 

Our services

  • Delivering digital transformations
  • Scanning and digital twins for digital design
  • AI and data analytics
  • Advanced visualisation, modelling and simulation.

Our facilities

Why use the VEC?

  • Unique: only facility in the UK to offer multi-disciplinary virtual engineering experts and exploratory laboratories, specialising in virtual test and engineering reliability, digital design and manufacture, and autonomous and intelligent systems
  • Well-connected: underpinned by specialist research centres at the University of Liverpool (including areas of risk and uncertainty and autonomous systems) and our strategic partner, STFC Hartree Centre, which boasts high-performance computing and big data capabilities
  • Industry-leading: capacity to foster innovation, collaboration and new technologies development and deployment through our novel Sandpit model
  • Complete service: bespoke solutions from product development and implementation to training and customer support.

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