International research

For research involving sites outside of the UK, local research ethics approval for each country - and any other relevant local approvals must be sought in order to carry out the research.

These requirements are outlined in the University Procedure for research undertaken outside the UK.

The following resources provide information on local ethics committees in various countries:

Research where a local Research Ethics Committees are able to approve the study

Where a local ethics committee is available, researchers should apply for local ethical approval before applying for University of Liverpool approval. Once local ethical approval has been obtained, University of Liverpool approval can be sought through the online system for research ethics.

Research where there are no local Research Ethics Committees able to review the study

In the absence of a local ethics review body, permission should be sought from any relevant local organisations, if possible and University of Liverpool research ethics approval can be sought thorugh the online system for research ethics. Applications to a University of Liverpool Research Ethics Committee where no local approval is available must demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of the legislative and regulatory environment
  • Awareness of the local cultural practices
  • Details of the Supervisory arrangements to ensure the researcher's safety.

Essential resources

If you are conducting research outside the UK, you must consult the following resources

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