Raising concerns or issues of research integrity

This page details how individuals can raise concerns or issues with a University of Liverpool research study.

The University expects all members of staff and students of the University, and other persons authorised to undertake research in the University or use University facilities, to observe the highest standards of professional behaviour in proposing, conducting and publishing research.

Research participants raising queries or concerns

If you are a participant in a University of Liverpool research study, and you would like to raise a query or concern in relation to your participation, please write to integrity@liverpool.ac.uk, providing as many details of the study in question as possible.

Depending upon the nature of the query or concern, the University Research Integrity or Research Ethics team may consult the University's research ethics complaints procedure, or the University research misconduct policy.

Raising issues of potential research misconduct

Concerns relating to potential misconduct in research can be raised through the University’s Named Person for Research Integrity, Professor Elizabeth Perkins, by emailing integrity@liverpool.ac.uk

Concerns can also be raised via, or with the assistance of, an intermediary such as a Line Manager, Tutor or Supervisor, Head of School, Trade Union representative, Guild advice service representative, or colleague.

If you would like to raise concerns relating to research integrity or potential research misconduct, please see the University's Policy on misconduct in research for details on the process for raising issues of research integrity or potential research misconduct.

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