Research data management

Ethical management of research data refers to researcher’s obligations and best practice to protect data confidentially, and to manage data according to legislation such as the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Data protection legislation governs the use, access and storage of sensitive data such as personal details of research participants. The mishandling of data and/or the breach of legislation constitutes a grievous offence, of which could seriously damage the University’s reputation for research.

All research ethics applications should contain justification for the proposed data management practices of a study, demonstrating how these practices will satisfy legislative requirements and good ethical practice in handling data.

Data Management Plans

The Universty strongly encourages the use of the DMP online software for the creation of research data management plans.

University data protection guidance

Further University guidance and policies on data protection can be found on the Legal and Governance webpages.

Additional information can also be found in the GDPR and research note (pdf document).

Records management

The University information and records Management webpages provide details of the records and retention schedules applicable to research.

The research data management team can provide information and resources related to the ethical management of research data.

Information Security

The Information Security webpages provide details of the various University mechanisms for ensuring the security of data.

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