Guest Lecture Series: Huang Sheng-Yuan

Fieldoffice Wide

Living with Sky, Water and Mountain

Youth can always be found in the landscape

Date: Thursday 24th October 2019

Venue: Budden Lecture Theatre

Time: 17:00 - 19:00

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"Over a 25 year period, Fieldoffice Architects has been rooted in Yilan. In our ambition to make architecture patiently and slowly, we have tried to learn from the rivers, mountains, sea and people, and we have reflected deeply on both the natural and the cultural landscape.

Recently, we have had a few opportunities to work outside Yilan and experience the differences between places in northern Taiwan, as well as to engage in a productive struggle with the bureaucracy.

With our belief in making friends over time, we have found them in Japan, Europe and East Asia. While celebrating our life with friendship, we should never forget our promise - Nature, equality and being together in our journey toward freedom."

Speaker Bio

HUANG SHENG-YUAN, born in Taipei in 1963, holds a bachelor's degree in architecture from Tunghai University in Taiwan, and a master's degree in architecture from Yale University in the United States. In the early days he worked in Eric Owen Moss Architects as a Project Associate, and before returning to Taiwan, he taught at North Carolina State University.

He firmly believes in the root of architecture that lies deeply within life itself, and life's truest form is not one of static and tangible qualities, but of dynamic and ephemeral, constantly in change. As a result, such an acute perception itself has led a direction that is rather ambiguous and whimsical in nature, making Huang and his later established Fieldoffice's works one of a kind in the architecture realm.

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Introduction by: Chiu Chen-Yu, Bilkent University, Ankara