Guest Lecture Series

Off Road, Prof. Dipl. Ing. Christian Moczala

Off road

Prof. Dipl. Ing. Christian Moczala

Thursday 2nd May 5.00 pm, Budden Lecture Theatre 

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If the world becomes smaller and greener, what could be architecture like? The office of B.A.S. Kopperschmidt + Moczala from Dortmund, Germany, explores the consequences of reducing resources and gaining better living-conditions from different architectural perspectives. This means, that we design spaces in a regional scale and implement them with a strong genius loci, standing for the superior meaning. It includes, that nature and landscape play a more important role in design and classical architectural tasks give way to new design challenges in a smaller scale. Going “Off road” offers new perceptions of urban spaces and chances to discover and realise unique places.


Prof. Dipl. Ing. Christian Moczala is architect and town planner. He teaches urban design at the University of Applied Science Dortmund and in Master “Urban Development NRW” at the TH Köln. His research interests are post growth development, public spaces and design build projects. With his office B.A.S. Kopperschmidt + Moczala he is designing a wide range of projects from regional planning down to emblematic realisations in the field of architecture, landscape architecture, civil design and engineering.