Programmes built around you


Choice and flexibility are important features of our Architecture degree programmes. It allows us to respond to your individual strengths and to the increasingly specialist, complex nature of future professional life.

Graduates from the Liverpool School of Architecture have been reflecting on their time spent at the School and how it has prepared them for the increasingly specialist, complex nature of professional life.

From Year one we will encourage and support your creative voice, in the Design Studio and in the decisions you make regarding your study options.  The School of Architecture offers undergraduate and post RIBA Part I programmes.


The choices are impressive and are fully supported by our research expertise in architecture, environmental science, creative arts and design and architectural history, computer mediated design and the contemporary construction industry.

Whether you are intrigued by manipulation of form, concerned with understanding the design process or want to improve existing environments, we will help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to make a positive impact on the world.

Design Year in London

An unrivalled opportunity to complete your undergraduate degree at the University of Liverpool, in one of the world's leading design destinations. We also offer a pathway to complete your third year of undergraduate study in Architecture, Industrial Design or Urban Regeneration and Planning at our London campus.

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Your learning outcomes and qualification will be unaffected by the change of location, but there will be a specific design orientation, and the option to choose from a wider set of modules which are shared across the three undergraduate programme areas. In addition you will have access to a virtual reality module and the opportunity of hands-on experience with virtual design and engineering technologies.