Guest Lecture Series

Pedro Leão Neto
Contemporary Photography: Architecture, City and Territory

5pm, 14th April,
Budden Lecture Theatre,

Liverpool School of Architecture.

Pedro Leão Neto (Porto, 1962) is an architect and a faculty member of the School of Architecture at the University of Porto (FAUP), where he is also the coordinator of the research group Centro de Comunicacao e Representacao Espacial (CCRE). Pedro holds an MA from the in architecture from the University of Porto (1997) and a PhD from the University of Manchester (2002). He has curated several exhibitions on architectural photography and international seminars, namely ‘On the Surface’, now in its fourth edition (2016). Pedro is the coordinator of the Scopio editorial line, which is focused on documentary and artistic photography related to architecture.

The aim of the lecture is to communicate the broader context of Scopio, which creates a series of publications in magazine and book format, as well as a photographic archive online, providing information on architecture and the public spaces in Portugal. The work is developed with the support of the research group CCRE – FAUP and in partnership with Porto Town Hall, Department of Culture. The lecture will be followed by open questions from the public concerning the editorial projects and the research developed by research group CCRE-FAUP.

Visit the website at for recent projects.