Guest Lecture Series: Anna Page

Community Festival Mehr Al Wohnen, Lukas Zieglar

Community Festival Mehr Al Wohnen (Lukas Zieglar)

The Swiss Genossenschaft: Cooperative Housing

Introduced by Professor Soumyen Bandyopadhyay

Date: Monday 22nd February 2021 11.00am

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The Swiss Genossenschaft was conceived around the concept of a common - shared land which can be used by the community for a variety of purposes. Today, they address an urban brief to  provide high quality affordable housing, useful public space, cultural facilities, art projects, environmental architectural agendas and design standards on an international level. They are desirable places to live for residents on a lower social-economic spectrum as well as those on the highest ends. Their briefs generate innovative typologies which address contemporary living patterns. Apartments which accommodate groups of single professionals; apartments for several families with children who wish to live altogether;  individual families with more than 7 children can live comfortably within the same structure. The emphasis on high quality design attracts the attention of the country's more interesting practices, both established and emerging. In Britain, where the question of social housing is one without clear answers, what can we learn from the Swiss Genossenschafts which could change the way we approach housing for the better?


Anna Page is a British architect and designer. Before setting up her own multi-disciplinary practice she worked for Peter Zumthor from 2008-2013 and has helped teach and evaluate
undergraduate and postgraduate programs of architecture, urban design interior design at institutions such as ETH, Harvard and Geneva.
Anna's broader interest in housing and development have resulted in contributions to several pieces of written research for clients such as Arts Council UK and NatCen.

Anna Page is an enthusiastic architect with a lot of talents. She has a good feeling for architectural concepts and (to) transfer these concepts into real buildings, real spaces.
She has helped me a lot to generate the right atmospheres for the Chivelstone House in Devon and for the Serpentine Pavilion 2011..... Peter Zumthor

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