Guest Lecture Series: Danni Kerr


Grid representing social exclusion in architecture

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The Failure of Space as Social Mediator

Date: Thursday 11th March 2021, 18:30 GMT (online)

A collaboration between LSA and QSoA  Queer Students of Architecture

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I will be discussing how the power that attaches or is attached to space disables mediation for minority persons as a 'normal' way of being; and how 'normal' behaviour in the space and meta-spaces of communities and institutions leads to non-participation, invisibility and exclusion. I will be presenting evidence from my own lived experience.


Danni Kerr is an architect, teacher and academic. She cares about what she does, how she does it and who she does it with. Her dedication is to architecture education and is currently completing a PhD thesis on 'Design for Time' at Sheffield School of Architecture. As a Role Model for the RIBA, Danni is actively engaged in the much needed push for an inclusive profession.

Here are a couple of my better known quotes:

"If you don't have a life outside architecture - what are you bringing to it?"
"Which is of more value; a brick at the bottom of the wall or one at the top?"