The Big Connect

The Big Connect

Date & time: Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th November 2018

The big connect will be a brand new event for 2018 aimed at students from all year groups and disciplines, but with a particular focus on industries/sectors as opposed to showcasing individual organisations.

We will look to bring together organisations from across a variety of sectors and group them in career zones. Alongside this there will be a series of ‘insight into’ and ‘getting into’ panel sessions and talks and have a series of 8 training session delivered by Facebook running alongside the event.

In an effort to streamline our central offer and ‘declutter’ event listings all non ‘Key Employers’ will still have to opportunity to engage with our students but only within this ‘One Big Hit’ event.


  • Offer a different platform for students to explore career options
  • Build relationships with new employer
  • Strengthen relationships with SME’s
  • Help students to make a connection with potential employers

Audience: Students

  • All disciplines
  • All year groups

Big Connect Themes - Themes to segment areas

What happens in each area?


Aim: Open students eye’s to their career possibilities, provide students with activities to nudge them along in their career thinking, help students explore careers opportunities.

Activities relating to explore will include:

  1. Keynote talks
  2. Insight into talks
  3. Panel discussions


  • Representatives from the key sectors
  • Alumni
  • Influential speakers from industry
  • Individuals who have hosted insight/panel discussions with careers in the past


Aim: Enable students to gain additional skills to support their applications and broaden their skill set.

Activities relating to apply will include:

  1. Training sessions
  2. Masterclass sessions


Aim: Create communities of careers practice by enabling meaningful connections to employers, alumni, and other students.

Activities relating to connect will include:

  1. Careers lounge
  2. Networking zone


Representatives from the following 10 key sectors:

  • Teaching
  • Tec, digital & Industry 4:0
  • Creative industriesWorking abroad
  • Nursing & allied health
  • Armed forces / emergency services
  • Volunteering & charity
  • Local SME
  • Architecture
  • Enterprise

The Big Connect Layout

Event Format:

2 days showcase in the guild of students.

Ongoing careers lounges: 10.30am – 4.30pm

Mount ford hall and the street area will host each of the key sectors in a vibrant, interactive careers lounge format. Each area will be easily identified with clever staging & props. Within each area there will be a sitting area to allow for conversations between representatives and students throughout the day. Some lounges will also have the facilities to hold lightning talks and presentations within their zone.

Panel discussions / insight sessions: 11am – 4pm

In the Stanley theatre the will be a series of panel discussions and insight sessions. These will include some of the most popular, traditional sessions that we would have historically run in the careers centre but will also allow for individual key speakers to present on industry topics.

Tuesday 13th November

10am Work, Study & Volunteering Abroad
11am Insight into Government & Politics
12 – 1. Keynote – Aspiring Astronaut and Liverpool alumnus Dr Jaclyn Bell – Following your dream
2.00pm Human Rights & International Development
3.00pm Insight into Media & Broadcasting

Evening events

4 – 6 pm The Big Connections networking event
6 – 8 pm – Recruiters in residence – Public Sector panel discussion

Wednesday 14th November

10am Insight Into Publishing
11am Working and Volunteering with Charities
12 – 1pm Keynote (potentially form returning YII or summer internship students)
2.00pm Unlocked & Liverpool Integrated Services (youth offending team) - Booked by Jan
3.00pm Heritage, Culture and Museums

The Big Connect Facebook

Training Sessions: Times TBC

Agent Academy will deliver 4 Digital Skills Session on behalf of Facebook. The sessions will be highly engaging and designed to help young people build their digital confidence and skills that will help with their future careers.

The sessions will cover:

Innovation - come up with your next big idea and prototype it, The innovation session ignites participants' digital mindsets by using innovation as a tool to come up with solutions to your problems in life and work. By the end of the session participants: generate ideas, solve problems, design a tech solution and build a prototype of solution. All in 70 minutes. Participants will learn the techniques of innovation called Design Thinking. This is a process used by businesses workiwide, including industry leaders such as Facebook, App. and Google. This session shares insider tips that can be applied to both professional and personal lives.

Social Marketing - make the most of it for you, your career. community or business, This social marketing session fuels participants' digital confidence and awareness by taking them through a four step process for social marketing: purpose and audience. strategy. management and analytics. It allows participants to see how social marketing is relevant to them, whilst also developing their confidence and awareness in social rnarketing to benefit them in their personal and professional lives.

Web Presence - make the web work for you, This web presence session ignites participants' digital mindsets by taking them through a process of understanding different web tools. user experience. search optimisation a. web analytics. It enables participants to see how web presence is relevant to them, and understand how to utilise the too. out there to best serve their end goal.

Cyber - tips to make you safer online, This cyber session ignites participants' digital mindsets by taking them through a process to understand their vulnerabilities on the web, and the core methods to protect themselves. It enables participants to see why cyber security is relevant to them, and how to protect themselves and/or their business.

Meet the grads social & evening networking event: 4.30pm – 6.30pm

Between day 1 &2 we’re proposing a networking event where we will invite students, alumni, representatives for the key sectors and employability colleagues from around campus to engage in a networking event. The event will commence with an introduction address from Paul Redmond and will be followed with a talk on ‘our Great City’ potential delivered by Liverpool Vision and Collin St Claire on why students should stay after graduation. (ALL TBC)

This part of the event will offer drinks and nibbles and last approx. 2 hours.