MSc Alumni Stories

Hear from students across the suite of Master's programmes.

Jack Coughlin

Jack Coughlin: Master in Management

"My course in particular appealed to me as it covered such a wide variety of aspects of management. The Careers Advisors were a fantastic help whenever I required any advice and always made themselves very approachable"

Thomas Hesketh

Thomas Hesketh: MSc Economics

"I have found that the programme is a hugely analytical course and includes lots of mathematical and econometric/statistical content. This is an area which can aid a career in most industries as numerical and analytical competencies seem to be highly sought after."

Lizbeth Zumarraga Avila

Lízbeth Mariánn Zumárraga Avila: MSc Entrepreneurship

"Two modules which have proven valuable for my career have been ‘Entrepreneurial Marketing’ and ‘Entrepreneurial Decision Making’. These modules helped me to transform academic knowledge into practical solutions which has been hugely beneficial."

Carmen Mari Cleirgues

Carmen Mari Cleirgues: MSc Finance

"The most rewarding aspect of my MSc was that it gave me the opportunity to develop my research skills together with my critical thinking"

Salman Ahmad

Salman Ahmad: MSc International Business

"I have grown into a person with leadership qualities, who is able to question and challenge in order to do all I can to contribute towards the sustainable economic development of my country."

Morgan Edwards Morgan Edwards HRM graduate

Morgan Edwards: MSc Human Resource Managment

"I am currently working for a leading Chinese engineering design firm called JSTI Group (苏交科 – pronounced Su Jiao Ke). We mainly work on the design and delivery of transportation infrastructure projects along with environmental protection solutions."

Chris Gale

Chris Gale: MSc Management

"Working for a large organisation with an annual turnover of €1bn worldwide, I find myself using the skills and knowledge I learnt at the Management School every day to incorporate basic strategic management and marketing frameworks into the programmes that I run for the whole of the UK."

Stephen Galgey

Stephen Galgey: MSc Marketing

"The Management School offers the very best facilities for postgraduate study. From the lecture theatres to the library you really do have the best infrastructure in place to succeed."

Polina Zaichkina

Polina Zaichkina: MSc Programme and Project Management

"I particularly treasure the amount of exposure to industry that I’ve had. We had several guest lecturers, who are practicing project managers, and it was valuable to hear their insight and advice."

József Birgés

József Birgés: MSc Entrepreneurship

"I believe I’ve gained a very firm business knowledge from this programme that I will be able to use in the future in various positions and in my own company. The Management School has a great reputation as a leading business school."

Sarah Magnier-Ashton

Sarah Magnier-Ashton: MSc Human Resource Management

"I was greeted by a team who were incredibly supportive and understanding. You really do matter as an individual at the University of Liverpool and this gave me the confidence to put my best foot forward."

Jacob Turner

Jacob Turner: MSc Programme and Project Management

"The programme acquainted me with the tools and processes used in end-to-end project management and this has helped me perform my role effectively and efficiently."

Courtney Finn

Courtney Finn: MSc Operations and Supply Chain Management

"My MSc has equipped me with an understanding of the operational functions and roles within a company, from the factory floor to reverse logistics."

Edoardo Vittori

Edoardo Vittori: MSc Human Resource Management

"The quality of teaching of the MSc HRM was not only outstanding, but the modules accurately focused on interpersonal relations with simulations and business game roles."

Abigail Hodgson

Abigail Hodgson: MSc Management

"I was attracted to the Management School due to the accreditation of the school and the broad coverage of business topics on the course."

Xilin Liu

Xilin Liu: MSc Finance

"I chose to study at the Management School due to its high reputation for research and teaching in China."

Di Hai

Di Hai: MSc Human Resource Management

"In my role, I use the knowledge and skills I have learnt from my MSc programme every day at work."

Shuai Li

Shuai Li: MSc Finance

"Liverpool has a strong reputation in China, and as a football fan, it was an obvious choice for me to study my Masters here."

Harvey Upton Dr Harvey Upton

Dr Harvey Upton

"Writing my Masters thesis and studying a particular topic in great depth was something I really enjoyed."

Mary Iyere Mary Iyere

Mary Iyere: MSc Project Management

"My student experience allowed me to develop strong analytical skills, which have helped me in analysing complex business problems, conducting research, and interpreting data to provide meaningful insights to clients."

Jessica Flanagan Jessica Flanagan

Jessica Flanagan, Master in Management

"The Master in Management seemed like the perfect option – it taught me subjects that I have never covered before."

Hailey White

Hayley White: Master in Management

"Learning how to speak confidently and network effectively has helped me pitch my ideas constructively, build very strong connections within the business and lead some long-standing initiatives that I am very proud of."

Prajul Vishnu KL

Prajul Vishnu KL: MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

"The programme not only enhanced my practical skills but also ignited a passion for innovation and entrepreneurship that continues to drive me in my early career."