Sarah Magnier-Ashton: UK

MSc Human Resource Management Alumna 2013-2015

HR graduate, Vaultex UK Ltd.

Before I began MSc study I was working as an assistant manager for the UK’s largest hospitality company, a role I had held for three years. Although there were many aspects of the job I enjoyed, I found people management to be the most rewarding and challenging aspect of the role. The more experience I got in this area the more I knew that this was the right career path for me. I decided to begin MSc study in order to pursue a career in this area.

The University of Liverpool is a Russell Group University whose reputation precedes it. Not only this, but the School is AACSB accredited. Before I started the course, I enquired about studying part time to fit my studies around my full time job. I was greeted by a team who were incredibly supportive and understanding right from the start. You really do matter as an individual at the University of Liverpool and this certainly gave me the confidence to put my best foot forward. I chose to work full time and study part time for two reasons; firstly so I could fund my tuition fees, secondly so I could consolidate theory and practice in order to enhance my learning.

I worked 48 hours a week alongside my studies, so it definitely can be done! I was lucky as my employer was quite flexible in terms of letting me work my shifts around my classes, but as the majority of work is done outside the classroom, I had to be very disciplined with my time in order to meet deadlines. My understanding of the concepts I studied was significantly improved when I could apply them to real world situations and think about how the theory would translate in my own workplace. Plus when you finish, employers will look much more favourably on candidates who have work experience in any capacity. 

I was lucky enough to secure employment whilst still studying as an HR Administrator with Vaultex UK Ltd, the UKs largest cash processing company. After I had finished my study, I applied for their graduate scheme and am now an HR graduate with them. The course taught me best practice, not only from an academic perspective but also through professional mediums such as ACAS, Personnel Today and relevant case law. Because of the solid foundation provided by the course, I am able to understand not only why Vaultex has been so successful in their employee engagement journey so far, but also how I can contribute to that journey and how to present and implement my ideas into HR and wider business strategy in order to meet business objectives.

Liverpool is a city steeped in history with a vibrant nightlife, the best restaurants I have ever come across and the friendliest people I have ever met! Although I no longer live there, whenever I visit, stand at the top of the steps on lime street station and see the skyline, I always feel like I’m home.