Year in industry

Year in industry is a life-changing experience that's highly valued by employers and is taken as part of a four year sandwich programme and is offered across all of our undergraduate programmes.

The year in industry is taken in the third year of study and is for a minimum of 26 weeks, although many students work for the full year.  It is a full time, paid placement. The average salary is £19,536, although this varies by location. Academic fees are currently £1,850 for the year you are on placement. 

The year is credit bearing and represents 10% of the overall degree classification. The method of assessment is a reflective learning log that allows a critical reflection of the work place experience and its links to the academic theory covered during the first two years of study.

This critical reflection plays a large part in allowing students to better understand the theory covered during their final year of studies and this then correlates with the higher marks achieved by students on the year in industry programme.

Securing a placement

How to secure a placement

The search for a placement begins almost immediately on coming to the University of Liverpool Management School.

Although the placement applications do not open until the start of the second year, the preparation for the applications begins in year one.

Placement support

Students are given a pre-placement briefing that covers all the essential information required prior to starting the placement.

Once on placement, each student’s academic advisor that they will have know since the start of their time at university, will continue to support them whilst on placement.

Placement questions

Placement questions

Take a look at our frequently asked questions about the year in industry including when you can do a placement, what happens post-placement and more.