Executive DBA Fees and Scholarships

Find out more about the way how to fund your Executive DBA through scholarships and via sponsorship from your employer.



Postgraduate Doctoral Loan

Employer sponsorship

Fees for UoL staff


Before you start your Executive DBA application, you need to make sure you are able to cover the programme’s fees.

The costs of studying the Executive DBA are normally met by students in the following ways:

  • Self-funding, by working alongside studying the programme or other sources
  • Applying for research scholarships, grants and bursaries, which may cover all or part of your fees and help towards other expenses
  • Via employee sponsorship

Securing funding can be complex and time consuming, so it’s important you start your search early.


The fees for the Executive DBA programme are as follows:

Pre-thesis stage (2 years)
Year 1 £13,000
Year 2 £13,000
Thesis development stage (2.5 years)*
Year 3 £8,000
Year 4 £8,000
Year 4.5 £4,000

*Our Executive DBA is designed to be flexible and fit around your schedule, so if needed, you can have up to 7.5 year complete your qualification.

For those who continue in the thesis development stage beyond 2.5 years (over 4.5 years in total), an additional fee of £4,000 per year will be payable.


The University of Liverpool Management School (ULMS) is delighted to offer the following two awards to students joining the Executive DBA programme for September 2024:

ULMS Executive DBA Award

For home/EU/Overseas applicants


15% Fee waiver 
Open to

Home*/EU/Overseas Executive DBA programme applicants for September 2024

Combining with other funding This award can also be combined with the Progress to Executive DBA Award for University of Liverpool alumni 

ULMS Progress to Executive DBA Award

For home/EU/Overseas University of Liverpool alumni


£2,000 per annum fee waiver, applicable to years 1 and 2 of the programme only
Open to

Home/EU/Overseas Executive DBA programme applicants for September 2024, who are University of Liverpool alumni

Combining with other funding This award can also be combined with the Executive DBA Award

How to apply

No separate application is needed for any of the Executive DBA available scholarships.

Eligible applicants will receive the award automatically.

Postgraduate Doctoral Loan

If you are a British national or live in the UK, you may be eligible for a Postgraduate Doctoral Loan. 

The loan is aimed at help with course fees and living costs while you study, and you do not have to start repaying until your income goes over a certain amount.

You can apply now for if you are planning on starting your Executive DBA in the academic year 2024/25.

Find out more

Talking to your employer about Executive DBA sponsorship

Completing our Executive DBA has benefits for students and the organisations they work for, as it brings the opportunity to capitalise on the employee's enhanced business and leadership skills.

Obtaining employee sponsorship is mutually beneficial for you and the company involved in the arrangement.

Guaranteeing support from your employer, will help boosts your overall learning experience and enhance your future career development.

By providing financial support throughout the period of study, the organisation also ensures meaningful, relevant research is being carried out for the company.

We recommend you approach your line manager, HR or Training and Development Team with a proposal on how the Executive DBA can improve your skillset and benefit the organisation. 

Normally, once your proposal is approved, you will need to agree the terms and conditions of the sponsorship including the amount the organisation is willing to sponsor you, working and study hours, amount of time to complete the research and any allowance for learning materials. 

If you are successful in gaining sponsorship from your employer, we then recommend you contact our Executive DBA Admissions Team with the proposal you have agreed with your organisation.

Fees for UoL staff

The University of Liverpool (UoL) is committed to providing staff with development opportunities which contribute to the achievement of the University’s institutional goals.

This includes helping staff to undertake one of the University’s own degree (or other award-bearing) programmes, by granting partial remission of the tuition fees.

Members of staff who satisfy the Staff Fee Remission Policy eligibility criteria, may be entitled for up to a maximum of 50% fee remission against their tuition fee.

Find out if you qualify for a staff fee remission

How to apply

If you comply with the Staff Fee Remission Policy eligibility criteria, send an email to the University’s Student Fees Manager, Miss Margaret Colleran, with the following information:

  • Your University of Liverpool staff ID
  • A letter or email from your Professional Development Review (PDR) reviewer confirming the Executive DBA course is relevant to your work within the University, and it will provide a higher qualification than the highest qualification you already hold

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