The Centre for Supply Chain Research has hosted a number of conferences and events:

COVID-19 and modeling in management science, online, Wednesday 14 October, 2020

Hosted by the University of Liverpool, organised by IFAM, Centre for Supply Chain Research and FINACT.


  • Hirbod Assa, Department of mathematical sciences, University of Liverpool
  • Hossein Sharifi, Management school, University of Liverpool

The main topics:

  • Economic impact of the COVID-19
  • Dynamic system modelling for COVID-19
  • Micro finance perspective and micro risk management of COVID-19
  • Insurance solutions for managing the risk of COVID-19
  • Supply chain risk management in COVID-19
  • Management aspects of the COVID-19 impact on people life
  • Any other interesting modeling aspect of the COVID-19 form management perspective.

The 10th International Conference on Systematic Innovation, University of Liverpool, June 2019.

The Use of Social Media in Operations and Supply Chain Management, University of Liverpool, March 2019.

Applications of Big Data and Analytics Workshop, University of Liverpool, December 2018.

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