Organisational and Employee Well-being

This cluster brings together interdisciplinary researchers to shed light on how organizing and managing affects production, working life and health, and how to thrive and flourish, whether as organizations or employees.

Led by Professor Liz Parsons.

Members of this cluster are from multidisciplinary backgrounds with strengths in Strategy, Organization Studies/Organizational Theory, Human Resource Management, Organizational Behaviour/Psychology, and related disciplines such as Marketing, Accounting & Finance, Economics, and Medicine. In their research members draw not only upon, but also have developed a range of complementary qualitative, quantitative, mixed, and reflective/analytical methods.

The cluster has built renowned capacity in two core areas:

1. People and Change Management Practices

Members of the cluster investigate the role of strategic change as well as strategic human resource management practices and their implementation in facilitating organizational and employee well-being. Research includes both senior and middle managers and change, restructuring, organizational transformation and culture change, high performance work systems; service innovation; the nature of fair and effective recruitment and selection procedures; changing work and career dynamics and the employment relationship particularly in the knowledge worker sector; as well as effective and ethical forms of leadership. These areas of research are also leading to impact, and particularly in health care settings, exploring palliative and end of life care, culture change to reduce discrimination, and effective implementation of people strategies.

2. Equality, Diversity and Well-Being

Members of the cluster also conduct research into gender, diversity, work-life relationships and health, with much of the research focussed on how organizations can further diversity, equality, and well-being. This is leading to impact work in the area of parenthood and employment as well as glass ceilings, enhancing the lives of rural women in India, and work with companies on developing female leaders.

The Organisational and Well-Being Cluster encourages both academics and PhD students to contact the cluster regarding membership availability. If you are interested in becoming a member or affiliate please contact Professor Liz Parsons ( for further details.

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