Centre for Organisational and Employee Wellbeing

Led by Professor Damian O'Doherty, this centre brings together interdisciplinary researchers to shed light on how organising and managing affects production, working life and health, and how to thrive and flourish, whether as organisations or employees.

Members of this research centre are from multidisciplinary backgrounds with strengths in Strategy, Organisation Studies/Organisational Theory, Human Resource Management, Organisational Behaviour/Psychology, and related disciplines such as Marketing, Accounting & Finance, Economics, and Medicine.

In their research members draw not only upon, but also have developed a range of complementary qualitative, quantitative, mixed, and reflective/analytical methods.

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The Centre for Organisational and Employee Wellbeing encourages both academics and PhD students to get in touch regarding membership availability.

If you are interested in becoming a member or affiliate please contact Professor Damian O'Doherty for further details.

People and Change Management Practices

People and Change Management Practices

Equality, Diversity and Wellbeing Equality, Diversity, Wellbeing

Equality, Diversity and Wellbeing