The Alumni Relations Team FAQs

What is the Alumni Relations Team for?

We are here for you. No matter which path you have chosen; whether it’s getting a job, continuing your education with further study, travelling the world, spending time volunteering or something else entirely; we are here to support you on your next steps. We try to provide a wide range of benefits and services that we hope will help you. If there’s something missing that you need, that you think would be helpful for you and others, let us know and we will always consider it as part of our offer if we haven’t already!

Email/Campus Access

Can I keep my email after Graduation?

Unfortunately not because your student email address will expire by the time of Graduation, however you can update your contact details with your record/account on CareerHub.

Can I use campus facilities after graduation? (Library/Guild)

You are welcome to come back to the campus anytime you like! During weekends most departments will be closed but alumni can still access the Liverpool Campus libraries.

Contacting fellow Alumni

How can I contact Alumni in my industry/company/Country?

You can use our online e-networking platform, Liverpool Connect, which allows you to search an online directory of global alumni professionals, make e-networking connections for informal mentoring and career insights, access career development resources and free online events and join community groups to connect around shared interests.

You can access Liverpool Connect here.

Transcript/Degree Certificates

How do I get a copy of my transcript?

Official transcripts can be prepared for you at any time, you can order a copy here. There is a charge of twenty pounds sterling (£20.00) for the first copy and five pounds (£5.00) for every additional copy requested at the same time. You can order as many as you need, and they can be sent to any address.

The fee covers the cost of standard mail/airmail, although you may request your documents to be delivered by DHL courier at a charge of ten pounds (£10.00) for a UK address, fifteen pounds (£15.00) for an EU address and twenty pounds (£20.00) for the rest of the world per consignment.

How do I get a new degree certificate?

There can only be one original copy, but if you require a replacement you can either:

Student Administration and Support
University of Liverpool
The Foundation Building
765 Brownlow Hill
L69 7ZX


How do I become a mentor?

You can mentor students and alumni through our online mentoring platform, you can become a mentor or mentee, connecting with alumni and students across the world.

You could also join the MBA Mentoring Programme which aims to further enhance MBA student’s employability skills, through a partnership with a member of the University’s alumni. Just a few hours of your time every month would make a real difference to a student.


How do I request a reference?

To obtain a reference, please email at least two weeks before you plan to submit your application with the following details:

  • Your name
  • Your student number
  • Your programme of study
  • The name of your Academic Advisor (this can be found in your Liverpool life record)
  • The name of your Director of Studies, if a second reference is required
  • The reason why you have requested a reference (e.g. postgraduate study or graduate application). You should provide the name of the programme and institution to which you are applying, and/or details of the position and the employer.

How long does it take to receive a reference?

Due to the volume of requests received for references, you should allow three weeks for your reference to be completed.

How many references can I request?

In order to be able to provide meaningful references, it has been agreed that your referee will provide you with a maximum of five references for Postgraduate programmes per semester.

Online References

How do I ask for a reference?

If you study an online MA programme then you should contact for a detailed academic reference; making sure that you provide your student number so we can provide accurate information. However you can still go to Laureate for basic concerns.

Where do I get confirmation that I have studied at the University?

If you are looking for confirmation of having studied, duration of study, course title etc. then you can get in touch with Student Support at our programme partners Laureate Online Education: 


How can I access CareerHub after graduation?

You can continue to access CareerHub and support from the Careers & Employability Service as you look for your first graduate job. To access CareerHub and to ensure you receive communications from the Careers & Employability Service please update your details using our online form.

I haven’t found a job yet, can you help?

We’d be happy to help! If you studied on campus, you can still use the Careers and Employability Services after graduation. We can help by checking your CV or job application form, offering 1-2-1 careers advice, practice interviews and all aspects of the recruitment process. You can continue to search the CareerHub jobs portal for graduate opportunities. All graduates are also welcome to join Liverpool Connect, our online networking platform where you can connect with alumni around the world, at different stages in their lives and careers who want to offer the advice and support.

Haven’t answered your question?

Let us know if you have something else to ask, we don’t mind how you get in touch so write, email or tweet; we’ll be happy to answer!

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