Events at the Management School

A lively environment...

From prominent guest speakers to open days, industry workshops, and seminars we have a rich and varied events calendar.

For further information, you can contact the Events Team.

12/12/18 Applications of Big Data and Analytics

The Liverpool MBA Overview webinar

12:00(GMT) and 17:00(GMT)

23/01/19 Academy of Management Learning and Education Paper Development Workshop
24/01/19 MBA Open Evening

Project Management MSc webinar

12:00(GMT) and 18:00(GMT)


Marketing MSc webinar

12:00(GMT) and 18:00(GMT)

30/01/19 Business Breakfast: Futurism – a Guide to Blockchain
05/02/19 Horseracing Industry Conference 2019: Informing the debate
08/07/19-11/07/19 10th International Conference and 9th Global Competition of Systematic Innovation

Past Events

04/12/18 QS MBA World Tour New Delhi
04/12/18 Postgraduate Graduation
30/11/18 INQUIRE 13th Business School Seminar
29/11/18 The Football Industries MBA Overview webinar
20/11/18 QS MBA World Tour Manila
17/11/18 QS Grad School Tour Jakarta
15/11/18 QS MBA World Tour Kuala Lumpur
14/11/18 QS Grad School Tour Kuala Lumpur
10/11/18 QS Grad School Tour Bangkok
10/11/18 QS MBA World Tour Bangkok 
02/11/18 Business Breakfast: Leadership in disruptive times
16/10/18 QS Grad School Tour Milan
10/10/18 QS Grad School Tour Warsaw
29/08/18- 31/08/18 Ethnography Symposium
29/08/18- 31/08/18 European Sport Economics Association conference
16/07/18-18/07/18 Summer Graduation 
05/07/18 Business Breakfast Briefing - 'Innovative Collaboration: Accelerating SME's'
31/05/18 Corruption in Latin America
10/05/18-11/05/18 NWSSDTP Conference 
02/05/18 Business Breakfast Briefing - 'Equality'
Organisational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities (OLKC)
19/04/18 MBA Annual Dinner
21/02/18         Postgraduate Open Evening
30/01/18 Horseracing Industry Conference
25/01/18 MBA Open Evening
24/01/18  Future Proofing: The Impact on Professional & Business Services - Business Breakfast
18/01/18- 19/01/18 Being There: Ethnography and the Study of Policing