Research centres and clusters

Research centres develop the School's contribution to established themes with a strong focus on applying ideas through funding and impact-related work.

Research clusters are grass-roots driven and interdisciplinary, focussing on the development of new theoretical and empirical work, typically at the early stages of the knowledge production/impact cycle.

Brett Centre for Entrepreneurship A meeting of people around a long table, a bright lightbulb is shining above them in the foreground

The Brett Centre for Entrepreneurship

Centre for Supply Chain Research Lorries drive next to a large docked cargo ship, with a plane flying overhead

Centre for Supply Chain Research

Centre for Sports Business Person looking at sports data on a laptop computer

Centre for Sports Business

Sustainable Business Research Centres - Centre for Sustainable Business

Centre for Sustainable Business

Econometrics and Big Data Computer graphic representing data coming from a tablet computer in a persons hand

Econometrics and Big Data Cluster

Organisational and Employee Well-being Person typing on a laptop computer

Organisational and Employee Well-being Cluster