Improve your understanding of key business issues and career development strategies through our guest speakers and MBA masterclasses.

Through the MBA Masterclass series, you will hear from senior executives and managers in a wide range of sectors, as they discuss their own management philosophies. Speakers will share their experiences, giving insight into their career journey and covering various topical issues.  

As well as presenting an opportunity to learn from a host of inspirational business leaders, these sessions also allow you to expand your professional network through the informal networking that takes place after each masterclass. 

Recent speakers include:

    • Sir Michael Bibby, Chairman at Bibby Line Group
    • Simon Goodson, Chief Executive Officer at AirFin
    • Mark Lawler, founder and visionary of Baltic Creative CIC
    • Paul Nolan, Global Chief Executive at Nolan Partners
    • Paul Gosling, National Director of Sustainability at Hays
    • Marius Braunig, Alumnus and Senior Consultant at EY
    • Chris Butler, Lead Product Manager at Google
    • Dinesh Sharma, Alumnus and Head of Science, Technology & Products at Jupiter Intelligence
    • Paula Reina, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Audiochain
    • Tom Patience, Green & Sustainable Finance Manager at Handlesbanken
    • Nina Mohanty, Co-Founder at Bloom Money
    • Roy Basis, Director at Standard Chartered Bank
    • Yvonne Harrison, Chief Executive Officer at Women in Football
    • Rebecca Caplehorn, Director of Football Administration & Governance at Tottenham Hotspur FC
    • Paul Barber, Chief Executive Officer at Brighton & Hove Albion FC
    • Phil Carling, Head of Global Football at Octagon
    • Susan Black, Director of Communications at Liverpool FC
    • Rick Parry, Chairman of The English Football League
    • Misha Sher, Global Vice President, Sports & Entertainment at MediaCom
    • Mike Wragg, Vice-President for Global Research at Nielsen Sport.

    Mahmoud Bouguermouh

    Mahmoud Bouguermouh, Football Industries MBA

    "What also makes this degree one of a kind is the visiting lecturers that host every Friday. Indeed, on a weekly basis, we have the chance to meet some professionals from the football industry who share with us their experiences and answer all our questions (even the trickiest ones!). Those lectures also allow us to build and strengthen our football industry network."

    Annabel Viar

    Annabel Viar, Liverpool MBA

    "Meeting executives and leaders of the industry, who made a difference in their own career, greatly helped in bringing about more motivation and inspiration for us to go on and pursue our own journey."

    Ben Armstrong

    Ben Armstrong, Liverpool MBA

    "We had guest speakers come in regularly to classes. These were insightful and allowed us to get a better understanding of different careers."