Student and graduate recruitment

Bring talented students into your business with our paid placements and internships programmes, and raise the profile of your organisation among the future workforce by connecting with our diverse student and alumni community.

Paid placements

Paid internships

Graduate vacancies

Careers fairs

Paid placement

For: current students

Duration: minimum 40 weeks

Starting between: June and October

You can employ one of highly-skilled students while they are completing their undergraduate programmes, and gain access to your sector’s most in-demand skills, cutting-edge business knowledge and fresh ideas.

In addition, this work experience opportunity offers and ideal scenario to:

  • Test out a new role
  • Bring in dedicated resource to work on a project
  • Strategically plan for future recruitment pipeline planning.

Paid internships

For: current students and recent graduates

Duration: up to 100 hours

Available periods:

  • Full-time: June-September
  • Part-time: during the academic year (recommended 7-10 hours per week).

Shorter term, paid internship opportunities are often a convenient way of:

  • Securing an extra pair of hands
  • Bringing someone in to work on a discreet project
  • Unearthing the best students
  • Finding potential candidates for graduate schemes.

We can share these opportunities with our student community who welcome internships for shorter holiday periods or part-time options throughout the academic year.

Fully funded internships for SMEs

If your organisation employs less than 250 people, you can benefit from fully funded student internships via the University’s Liverpool Interns programme.

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Graduate vacancies

For: final year students and recent graduates

Advertise your graduate vacancies for free to our entire final year business and management students and our recently graduated alumni.

This is an excellent opportunity to present your company as an attractive employer to the new workforce, by offering entry-level roles that allow them to start off their professional careers.

Careers fairs

Meet the future workforce and raise your profile amongst our student communities by exhibiting at our careers fairs, taking place at several times throughout the year.

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