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Business research

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Business research

Our researchers work with a broad range of organisations, from small and medium enterprises to large corporates, on collaborative research projects that make a difference to business and society, by addressing pressing business challenges, improving organisational performance and wellbeing or promoting positive policy changes.

We welcome connections with practitioners across all sectors, to help us identify new challenges and undertake innovative and impactful research.

We have well-established collaborative research relationships with multinational companies, including UnileverPeel Ports Group and the Princes Group, Government bodies, such as the Culture, Media and Sport Committee, and a variety of private and public organisations in the Liverpool City Region and beyond.

As well as improving business performance, the findings of our research can also be used to support third-sector organisations or grassroots groups, and to promote changes in public policy.

A research partnership will give you the opportunity to:

  • Access cutting-edge research expertise
  • Benefit from funding raised by the School via public grants, Research Councils or other research funding organisations
  • Undertake an in-depth exploration of underlying issues and blind spots
  • Receive regular feedback as the project progresses
  • Discover impactful and evidence-based strategic recommendations tailored to your organisation.

Areas of business research expertise

Our multi-disciplinary research community, includes internationally recognised academics from a wide range of business and management areas, and a vibrant cohort of PhD students from all over the world.

The broad scope of our research encompasses a variety of topics distributed across six key domains: Accounting and FinanceEconomicsMarketingOperations and Supply Chain ManagementStrategy, International Business and Entrepreneurship; and Work, Organisation and Management.

Management School Research Centres

We also have five research centres and one cluster which bring together specialist academics, external organisations and funding, to help find solutions to contemporary issues in society and business:

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Business consultancy

We can help you connect with expert researchers across the Management School, to discuss your needs and the potential for consultancy projects.

Consultancy is often associated with shorter term projects, where an organisation requires exploratory research or draws on the expertise of a leading academic, to gain specialist insight on areas including, but not limited to:

  • Market trends
  • Innovation
  • Competitors
  • Social value
  • Best practice, etc.

The findings are independent, rigorous and contextually relevant for your business, and are aimed to inform strategic decision-making and future planning.

For example, an organisation may be looking for evidence-based guidance on how to tackle race inequality or needs support to devise a new social value strategy.

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The breadth and depth of expertise across our School, allows us to match you with one of our academics to work on a discreet, time-bound project, including:

  • Report writing
  • Policy and procedural guidance
  • Expert advice
  • Expert witness statements
  • Modelling simulations
  • Workshops, etc.

If required, we can also form a multidisciplinary consultancy team with experts from different departments within our School and the wider University.

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Knowledge Transfer Partnership programme

Our Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme gives you the opportunity to resolve a strategically important business issue, by taking advantage of the knowledge, technology and skills available in our School and the wider University.

What is a KTP?

A KTP consist in a collaborative project between your business, the University of Liverpool and one (or more) of our highly skilled graduates, supervised by an academic mentor.

The graduate, also known as Associate, assists your business to make a step change in an area which you have identified as high priority, helping instil new systems, procedures or learning.

The goal is to and deliver lasting transformational change by testing, applying and translating research into business solutions.

How does it work?

The Associate is employed by the University, but recruited with you at the beginning of the partnership.

Once the project starts, the Associate works within your company and is jointly supervised by you and their academic mentor. 

The KTP can be from one to three years, and it is financially supported by your business and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funding, aimed at improving the growth of the UK’s businesses and economy though innovative solutions.

Business sizeKTP cost (ca. per Associate, per annum)

Small and medium-sized enterprises

(approximately one third of the cost)


Large enterprises

(approximately half of the cost)


Businesses of any size and from most sectors are welcome to participate in the University's KTP programme.

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Knowledge exchange

Connect with our research network to gain access to evidence-based knowledge and expertise though a variety of knowledge exchange activities. 

Knowledge exchange is a broad term that refers to any activities in which researchers engage with organisations and other non-academic audiences, to facilitate the understanding of management and business related questions, events or problems.

Knowledge exchange activities also provide researchers and non-academic audiences the opportunity to share ideas, research evidence, experiences and skills.

As well as for research projectsconsultancy and KTPs, we can connect you with researchers to:

  • Act as a member of a steering or advisory group
  • Deliver presentations and talks
  • Contribute to editorial pieces, etc.

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