Meet our specialists

Meet the Centre for Sports Business specialist researchers.

Joint Directors

Professor Sue Bridgewater, Director of Executive Education

Professor Sue Bridgewater

Chair in Marketing and Sports Business, Director of Executive Education 

Professor Ian McHale

Professor Ian McHale

Professor of Sports Analytics




Buraimo, Dr Babatunde

Senior Lecturer in Sports Management and Economics

Bond, Matt

Graduate Training Fellow and PhD Student in

Cockayne, Dr David

Senior Lecturer Marketing

Colicev, Professor Anatoli

Chair in Marketing, Strategy and Analytics 

Forrest, Professor David

Professor of Economics 

Haenlein, Professor Michael

Chair in Responsible Research in Marketing 

Holmes, Dr Benjamin

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Mathematics 

Maguire, Kieran

Senior Teacher in Accountancy  

Minten, Dr Susan

Senior Lecturer Sport Business

Narita, Dr Kaori

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Economics 

Tena Horrillo, Dr Juan de Dios

Senior Lecturer in Sports Business and Management 

Parnell, Dr Daniell

Senior Lecturer in Sport Business 

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