Professional Interest Networks

The Professional Interest Networks have been designed to offer University of Liverpool graduates professional development support, continuous learning, and networking opportunities. You can find out more information on each network below, including upcoming events and how to register your interest.

Human Resource Management

The Human Resource Management network provides a strategic space for local HR professionals to share and develop their knowledge.

Sports Management

The Sports Management network aims to facilitate the development of business to business alumni connections among clubs, governing bodies, specialist firms, agencies and consultancies, operating in the Sport Management sector.


The Marketing network, enables the exchange of knowledge for professionals working in marketing roles and the establishment of new professional relationships around the world.

Women's Leadership

The Women’s Leadership network aims to support and create opportunities for students, alumni and staff members to develop through the exchange of ideas, skills and research.

There are lots of opportunities to ask questions, share experiences and further develop your understanding of each subject area, so why not get involved!  

If you would like to explore the potential of starting another network, please contact the Management School Alumni Relations team.

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