Take a look at what our current undergraduate students have to say about studying at the Management School.

Rosie Arthur

Rosie Arthur: Business Management with a Year in Industry

"My student experience has been everything I wanted it to be! I have taken opportunities to be part of a mixture of societies and experience the fabulous night life of Liverpool. I have made friends for life and embraced the culture that the city offers."

Isaac Bamford Isaac Bamford, Business Economics with a year in Industry

Isaac Bamford: Business Economics with a Year in Industry

"When I attended the open days, I was really impressed with the facilities that the Management School offers."

Minerva Beltran Van Camp Minerva Beltran Van Camp, International Business

Minerva Beltran Van Camp: International Business

"International Business as a degree opens many doors at it touches so many disciplines, and it has a worldwide view on business and finance."

Emma Cullingford Emma Cullingford, Marketing with a Year in Industry

Emma Cullingford: Marketing with a Year in Industry

"It was clear that the Management School had an impressive number of connections, accreditations and that there would always be lots of opportunities for me to get involved in."

Letizia De Lia Letizia De Lia, BA Marketing

Letizia De Lia: Marketing

"I really enjoy the internationality on campus, it yields good conversations, interesting discoveries and further the opportunities for networking."

Sandy Gill

Sandy Gill: Business Economics

"I was introduced to all of the sessions that the Management School hosts to help with employability and wanted to be a part of it."

Conor Holland Conor Holland, BSc Economics

Conor Holland: Economics

"I felt ‘wanted’ from the Management School. With other Universities I felt like I was just another candidate and that people didn't mind if I went there or not."

Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones: Accounting and Finance with a Year in Industry

"Accounting and Finance will open an array of career options for me, many of which will present me with the opportunity to solve problems on a daily basis that will make a real difference to people, and which will undoubtedly give me lasting job satisfaction."

Megan Turnock

Megan Turnock: International Business

"The extra-curricular opportunities have been a highlight of my experience...a great way to get more involved at university and make new friends. I am extremely grateful as I have had so many amazing experiences that I would never have had without being a student at ULMS."

Billy Schofield

Billy Schofield: Business Management

"I’ve really enjoyed becoming much more independent and being given responsibilities at work. I also work with some fantastic colleagues, from whom I’m learning all the time."

Javier Vazquez

Javier Vazquez: International Business with a Year in Industry

"Studying International Business has not only provided me with relevant knowledge and skills, but it has also been a great opportunity to develop lasting relationships."

Lindsey Welsh Lindsey Welsh, Accounting and Finance with a Year in Industry

Lindsey Welsh: Accounting and Finance with a Year in Industry

“ULMS offered the highest amount of exemptions for professional exams after university so this was a big factor in my decision.”

Bethany Whalley Bethany Whalley, Economics with Year in Industry

Bethany Whalley: Economics with a Year in Industry

"I felt like the module leaders and lecturers who did talks on open days were very friendly and I felt like you would be well supported in the Management School."

Annabel Speers Head and shoulders image of Annabel Speers on plain background

Annabel Speers: Business Economics with a Year in Industry

"I wanted to study a course that had a large variety of module options and I have really enjoyed having the opportunity to choose the areas of most interest to me."

Sophie Taggart Sophie Taggart

Sophie Taggart: BA Business Management

"University provides an opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds, which can lead to lifelong friendships. I lived with some of the same people for 3 years, and they are bonds I will always have!"

Alex Berei Alex Berei

Alex Berei: BA Business Management

"What I most enjoyed about my student experience is my personal development. I feel like I have developed a work/life balance, in which I prioritise my studies accordingly and have the time necessary to enjoy a social life."

Shufan Yi Profile picture of student Shufan Yi

Shufan Yi: Economics 2+2

"Shufan Yi shares her experience of studying Economics at the University of Liverpool on the 2+2 programme."

Shaun Morgan Accounting and Finance student Shaun Morgan

Shaun Morgan: Accounting & Finance with Year in Industry

"Within the first week at university, I felt at home in the kind-hearted community. From the staff who would always greet us with warm smiles to my fellow students who were really supportive, the atmosphere was incredibly welcoming."

Max Walters Undergraduate Economics student Max Walters

Max Walters: Economics with a Year in Industry

"One of the best traits to come out of university with is employability. To enhance this, modules on the Economics course are geared towards supplying students with real-world experience."